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Spread Your Colors with COLORLESS BLENDER

Hello my dear readers! I’m really glad that a lot of people, especially Filipinos, were reading my articles about COPIC MARKERS.

COPICS are a bit pricey and hard to find in the Philippines. Hence, when I first started using them, I struggled and almost regret buying my first 10 pieces. I was clueless on how flawlessly blend the colors using my limited number of Copics. I kept searching for tutorials, techniques, and ways to keep my wallet from being hungry.

After several hours of clicking and typing, I stumbled across an article about COLORLESS BLENDER.

This is the link.

The tutorial showed how the “0” marker easily spreads out and perfectly mixes the colors together, making it cheaper and efficient. However, there’s a catch. It was not available in ARTMEDIA or GREATTOYSONLINE. (But that was waaaaaaaaaay back! I don’t know if they’re selling it right now.)

I didn’t have a COLORLESS BLENDER until I came and lived in Japan.

Even though I was broke, I still bought my very first “0” marker in Tokyu Hands. It felt like seeing my dream guy xD I was really happy to have it. When I finally settled in to my new home, I kept looking for the refill, since I use my COLORLESS BLENDER a lot! I found it in an art shop 25 mins (on foot) away from my house.

  • The refill cost about 1,500 yen and the “0” marker cost like any other copic sketch, which is about 300 yen (not including tax).



  • The colorless blender does not only make it easier for me to mix the colors, but it also helps me to achieve this “cloudy-watery-texture.”



  • It could also get rid of those unwanted colours outside your linear art. But, sometimes, it doesn’t really make them disappear, it only makes them SPREAD!!!!! So be careful!
  • Instead of refilling your marker, you could do a direct approach. Pour your refill in a cup (or something smaller than that) and use a brush to blend the copics.

This entry might not help those artists in the Philippines. On the other hand, I think if you guys request it to ARTMEDIA or GREATTOYSONLINE they might order it from their suppliers, knowing there is a market for it.

Write your comments or questions. I’ll try to reply to you guys as fast as I can! ^^

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It’s been a while guys! I’ve been working on some of my short stories, which I could hopefully upload on here. Anyways, I’m gonna share how I colored this baby!


I’m still a beginner in using COPIC MARKERS so I’m just constantly experimenting. I was so scared to color this piece because I really like it! It’s my fanart for the movie BAREFOOT, staring Rachel Evan Wood and Scott Speedman. This movie had a lot of bad reviews, but it has a lot of heart and I find it very adorable.

 Going back to my art, these are the markers that I used.

Daisy’s golden locks


I struggled with this part. I didn’t want her hair to be too bright. I actually wanted it to be pale, however, my supply of YELLOW Copic markers was limited. For the base, I use Y000 then I used Y04, which I find quite bright so I mixed it up with Y18 and Y26, giving it a brownish-blonde effect. I also use E37 to add more definition to the dark spots. For unavoidable mistakes (like keeping the colors in the border), I use my Colorless Blender


Daisy’s Dress


I just utilized my G94 and G21 to draw squares on her dress, nothing special. I really like these shades of Green. It feels a bit rustic and vintage.


Jay’s Shirt


Okay, I already used my pigment pens to define the crease of his shirt; hence, my copics didn’t do much. I used the markers BG18 and BG72. However, I thought it was not as dark as Jay’s shirt in the movie, so I used my grey tone copics T4 and NO no.0


Wooden Background


Just like the shirt, this part already has a lot of details. I colored it with E35, for the lighter parts, then shading it with E37.


The Flowers and the Greens


This was easy. I didn’t do any shading with the flowers. I just utilized my BV23, YR15, and Y04 to make it colorful. On the other hand, I did do a little shading for the pink ones, where I used R02 for base and R05 in accentuating its center.

I also make use of my Golden Pen Brush and White Color Pen to highlight some tiny parts of this sketch.


Jay’s Tan Skin


For the base, I tried out my E50, then, to make it darker, my E53 marker came in handy. However, I want it to be more tanned, so that’s where E11 and E00 got into the picture.


Daisy’s Skin


I struggled with this one because I wanted her to have a pallid complexion. But, I was clueless on which color should I use to get this outcome. I just played it safe and utilized my trusty Colorless Blender as the base, then E50 for the shade, plus my E00 and E02 for the pinkish effect on Daisy’s shoulder, elbow, eyes, and cheek.


 Here’s the finish product, hope you guys like it!


Please follow me at my instagram account.

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Toning my Sketches

I know it’s been a long time since I wrote in my blog, especially, a follow up to my DELETER entry, but here I am again writing some gibberish that could help you guys out.

Anyways, this is an article about how I used my DELETER SCREEN TONES.

I don’t REALLY tone my artworks because first, Screen tones and other materials for doing this activity are a bit pricy, especially when you are in the Philippines. Second, I’m still a newbie in toning; hence, I’m afraid of ruining my pieces.

However, practice is the only way to solve this dilemma, so, I just toned some of my artworks and I decided to share the process of TONING MY SKETCHES.




Screentones (which I bought online at


Tonehera (which I bought online at


Eraser that has a rough texture ( just bought at my local stationary store)


Cutting Mat ( just bought at my local stationary store)




First, I put my sketch on top of the cutting mat. I then removed the screen tone from its non-stick paper and placed it on top of my draft.



I used the SE-53 tone.


 NOTE, once you already put the screen tone on your sketch, you need to cut it fast or else you’ll have a hard time removing the excess tone.

I just used an ordinary cutter, so, it was a bit tricky. I suggest you buy a proper cutter that you can hold like a pencil. Once you are done cutting, carefully remove the screen tone you don’t need. Use your brush to remove the tiny pieces instead of just using your bare hands to avoid ruining your work.


When you are finished cleaning up your mess, smooth the surface by using the TONE HERA.


As you can see, you could visibly notice the screen tone, in the black part of my work; hence, I finally utilized my eraser to even out the color. This part was a bit scary because I thought I was going to scratch my piece, but thankfully, IT WAS SAFE! But guys, still, be careful.


Here are some of my works where I used some screen tones. If you like my work, please visit my instagram page ( and follow me! \(^^_)/


Please comment if you have any questions or if you want to share your experience in using tones!

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Drawing Tips: Inking Galore!

Hello my dear readers!

Today I will show you how I ‘ink’ my sketches. I’m not an expert, but that’s the reason I keep on drawing and inking. Art is a continuous journey and progress.

Way back on my old entries, I told you guys that I use UNIPIN, India Ink and brush for accentuating my drawings. I have difficulty in using quills that’s why I don’t use it much.

Anyways, here is a video of how I ink! I had a hard time filming this because I was holding my phone and drawing at the same time; hence, I apologize for the shots that were a bit blurry. And also, before I forget, the music that I choose for the demo was World’s End Girlfriend’s Les Enfants du Paradis.

I hope Jared Leto does not mind me drawing his resplendent bun xD So what do you guys think?

I'm not really good in copying, so I'm really happy that many people still like this piece! ^^ thank u! <3
I’m not really good in copying, so I’m really happy that many people still like this piece! ^^ thank u! ❤

Copic Artworks has featured this on their Tumblr account and The Echelon Empire on their Facebook, as well as on their Tumblr. This was just a simple fanart, but many people really appreciate it. I’m really overwhelmed and I want to thank you guys! Your support keeps me fired up to draw more!

By the way, I used copic markers and colleen color pencils to color this piece. I would try to make a tutorial on how I utilize my copics and color pencils.

For those who are at loss on how to ink, I hope this helps. Most of the aspiring and the indie comic book artists, whom I know, use UNIPIN for inking. It’s very affordable, user friendly, and you can find it at your local stationary/bookstore. So if you don’t have any idea how to intensify your drawings, I suggest that you try this pen out!

Some of my materials... I just took this using my webcam so I'm sorry for the low resolution.
Some of my materials… I just took this using my webcam so I’m sorry for the low resolution.

I also use SAKURA PIGMA; however, I still order it from Artmedia. Unipin  has point 0.05 (smallest) up to 0.8 (biggest); with regards to Sakura Pigma, I’m not sure because I only bought it once and it’s pretty much the same with Unipin.

Keep ART alive!

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How I Met My Sketchpad

Hello my dear readers! How was your valentines?

Anyways, when I was just starting to take my craft seriously, my main problem was my CANVAS. Every artist has their own style and preferred medium, so, in order for me to FIND the ‘ONE,’ I experimented and bought a lot of materials. I could say that it was one of the arduous moments of my life, and it really put a hole in my pocket. But, I did not really mind because it all paid off!

As you can see on my blog, I’m head over heels for INKING! But finding the perfect paper that will match my wondrous Indian ink and pigment pens took a lot of time.

And this is ‘How I Met My Sketchpad.’

(Pun intended xD)


First is Best Buy’s Sketchpad.

9"x12" It's about 40 pesos.
It’s about 40 pesos.

I had 4 of these because at that time I was just a meager, cheapskate student. In addition, INKING was not yet in my vocabulary. I just simply used pencil and paper, and I was okay with that. However, similar to other artists, I seek for growth. I wanted to expand my horizon and try out ‘inking,’ since my goal is to be a MANGAKA someday.

And like any other relationships, we had a falling out. Because of his rough texture, the ink bleeds too much which created unrefined lines.


I then decided to move on and find the one that will fill my needs as an artist. xD


4 years ago, I devoted myself in teaching English to Korean students, but, I never gave up my craft. One of my students was very interested in ‘manga,’ so during our break, we mostly talked about anime, games, and comic books. His cousin was really good in designing characters, and one time, my student showed me his cousin’s  sketchbook. Its surface was really smooth and it was perfect for inking!

I searched for sketchbooks with smooth sheets that can handle my pen and brush; and hence, that is how I met YASAKA.

9"x12" If I'm not mistakes, I think it was about 75 pesos.
If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s about 75 pesos.

 He was my favorite. Damn, I loved him. I drew some of my most memorable and outstanding pieces on him. He was the first sketchpad that I inked. But one day, I just couldn’t find him in any bookstores in my town. I was distraught, but I need to move on and look again.


After caressing several sketchpads, Li’l Hand’s drawing book got me at one touch! xD

Same size with Yasaka. i think he was about 45 pesos.

He was also exceptionally fine, but he only has few sheets! So even though he still had something to offer, I kept on looking for the one who could carry out my demands.


Finally! After a grueling search for Mr. Right, I found him! He was made from China, and his name was SUMIAO SUXIEBEN. His paper was a lot thicker compared to Yasaka and Li’l Hands; hence, he could handle my heavy duty inking and coloring Copics!

Sumiao was a bit wider compared to my other sketchbooks. He is about 13″x10″ and his price was around 150+ pesos. The small ones are 10.5″x 7.5″ and cost 74 pesos.

I love him so much that even bought a mini Sumiao so I could take it with me anywhere. However, just like with Yasaka, this sketchpad is quite rare. It is not sold in National Bookstore or Pandayan. I bought it on Expressions but they only have a few of him are left! When the time my Sumiao bids his farewell, I hope that he is still available, in the place where we first met. xD



This is a sketchpad that one of my students gave me! Thank you Nicole!


It has a soft surface but its paper is quite thin. The ink easily seeps thru it.

This piece is damaged by molds because of the flood.
This piece is damaged by molds because of the flood.

Last, but not the least, is my most expensive paper, which I still need the assistance of EMS just to be with him, DELETER MANGA PAPER. He was not only pricey; he was also the smoothest and thickest paper that I’ve ever inked. Drawing on him was awe-inspiring! However, I only used him on special occasions. Hopefully I could show you guys my upcoming mini-manga!


I’ve written about Deleter before, so if you want to read more infos about him, just read it in here.

So, how about you? How did you meet your sketchpad?

My babies <3
My babies ❤
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Journey to a Dream

This entry will be about my rumblings in life.

Way back when I was still in high school, some people really like my doodles and some of them were not very fond of them. Before, I did not know how to accept being criticized and I just let people just bring me down.

This are my old drawings.
These are my old drawings.

Even though I really want to take up Fine Arts, I didn’t because I let my mind to be poisoned to think that there is no future in art. I stopped being a dreamer and abandoned my ‘reverie’ of earning a living thru my drawings. Believing that my aspiration was unattainable, I then hated drawing and eventually just stopped creating something out of nothing.

It was a painful journey, but when I went to college, my confidence was boosted up by my friends. They believed that I have a talent; hence, it inspired me to express myself more; you see, I was a very shy lass because I was used to being dragged down by people. However, that all changed! I was motivated by different artists and also by individuals, who surrounded me with positive vibes.

Keane really inspires me, for the reason that it took them 8 years before they got their big break! In addition, I just love their poetic and euphonic music <3
Keane really inspires me, for the reason that it took them 8 years before they got their big break! In addition, I just love their poetic and euphonic music ❤
Tite Kubo was actually the one who inspired me to draw again. I really owe it to this guy.
Tite Kubo was actually the one who inspired me to draw again. I really owe it to this guy.

I then started to draw again, to write, to direct, to be creative, to believe, and to dream. I tried my best to improve my skills. Now, those who were skeptical before, reckons that my drawings are good and support me in achieving my dreams; however, there are still some who are doubtful. But I’m not that pessimistic  anymore.

(From left to right) Franz Kafka, O. Henry, Natsume Souseki, and Nick Joaquin are just some of the writers that stimulate my hand to also write. I wish I could be a great writer like them :)
(From left to right) Franz Kafka, O. Henry, Natsume Souseki, and Nick Joaquin are just some of the writers that imbued me to write. I wish I could be a great writer just like them 🙂

ART IS MY SOUL, so I will keep on drawing and writing (and maybe singing 😛 ) because those are the things that keep my heart ecstatically happy!

Here some of my recent drawings. If you have time, please check out my works @lykishkeane (instagram)
Here some of my recent drawings. If you have time, please check out my works @lykishkeane

The road to our goals is bumpy and rocky. Patience, perseverance, and passion are the 3 P’s that you need to carry with you in your journey. Have a safe trip!

My fanart of Jared Leto. His role in Dallas Buyers Club really inspires me, as well as 30 Seconds to Mars' music.
My fanart of Jared Leto. His role in Dallas Buyers Club really inspires me, as well as 30 Seconds to Mars’ music.
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Oh my BOOTS!

There’s a point in every girl’s life that she will fall in love with shoes.

When I was a kid, I never really got the things I want. My parents did not buy clothes or shoes that I like. The garments that they bought for me was according to their preference and budget. In short, my childhood wardrobe was boring and I only owned a few pairs of shoes, in which, some of them were my sister’s hand-me downs. I did not complain about it because I understood our situation. We are just an average family with tight resources. Because of those circumstances, I became a cheapskate and my love for clothes and shoes was born.

I love dressing up but there are times that I’m quite lazy to sort out my attire; however, I don’t want to be dull. For me, fashion is an art and we use it to express our emotions and personality. I’m a person who is always seeking new ways to convey my creativity in different mediums, and ‘fashion’ is just one of those methods; however, I can’t deny that from time to time, the ART of PROCRASTINATION outwits my system. As a result, whenever I want to be in style but too lazy to dress-up, wearing my BOOTS comes in handy.

My red Dr. Martens
My red Dr. Martens

I don’t know but there is something about boots that makes your whole attire ‘edgy.’ Even if you would just wear a shirt and jeans, your outfit would definitely look COOL when you add boots.



I LOVE collecting shoes, from boots to sneakers and flats; I buy it as long as it will help me spice up my wardrobe. I also wear high-heals, even though I don’t use them that much because they freaking KILL my feet; I only wear them on special occasions.

My BOOTS collection! I threw out 4 pairs already because of the flood ><
My BOOTS collection! I threw out 4 pairs already because of the flood ><

I have a lot of shoes but my favorite is my PRECIOUS boots! It’s very comfortable and fashionable. I love them so much that they are the usual shoes that I draw. xD

IMG_20130425_205549 IMG_20130425_211527

If you want an effortless fashion, I recommend you to buy a pair of boots to make your look more enthralling. However, you must also have confidence to carry out your own STYLE.


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COPICS and Fanart

Hello my dear readers!

Today I will just share the COPIC markers that I used for my HONGMINA fanart! I’m still an amateur in using Copic markers; hence, I will just post the colors that helped to make my art colorful!

First, I used E37 & E13 to color Mina’s hair, while I chose YR15, YR82 & YR18 for Hong Ki’s hair.


By the way, this tutorial became my guide in figuring out the suitable colors for my drawing.

Second, I colored Mina’s dress and shoes, in which I utilized BG72, BG10, B52 and BG32.


Third, my lovely RV29 and R21 were applied to put life in the mouth and the cheeks.


Fourth, this is the part that I find very challenging to do, coloring the skin. Even though I have a guide and have the colors that I need, I still find it very difficult to get the correct skin tone. I did pretty well in coloring Mina; however, I’m not satisfied with how I colored my chibi Hong Ki. I used E01, E11 & E000 for their skin.


I hope this tutorial could help you for choosing the correct skin tone.

In this part, finally, I was able to use my N0, T4 and T8. I’ve been longing to put these babies into action for quite some time.


Last is Hong-star clothes! As you can see RV21, RV29, V25, BV02 and BV08 were the colors I chose for his attire.


I hope you enjoy my simple fan art. I hope that I could finish the manga that I’ve been doing, so I could already share it with you guys!


P.S. This fan art is dedicated to all HongMina shippers, especially the Daramji Del. Also, this is an art to show my support to FT Island’s new mini album, THANKS TO and to the lovely Fujii Mina! ^^

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My Video Editing Helpers

This is the first time I’m going to write something about video editing. Hope you guys will like this.

I’ve become interested in video editing ever since I started doing video productions when I was in college. I’m a Mass Communication graduate so I’m pretty interested in a visual and audio presentation. I’m not really interested in being in front of the camera. I’m more eager in what’s happening behind the scenes. Whenever we have a school project, it’s either I’m the script writer, video/audio editor or director; sometimes, I do all of it.

Anyways, I really enjoy video editing and I became more inspired with it when I watched amazing FMVs (Fan Made Videos) in Youtube. It’s actually my dream to become a MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR. It’s a great union of my love for music and video making, which is why whenever I make an FMV, I must first find the perfect music. On the other hand, although you found your perfect music and clips, making an FMV is not that easy. You must find the perfect video editor.

When I was a super amateur in video editing (I still am xD), I first used WINDOW MOVIE MAKER. It’s pretty much a program that a 10 year old could tinker. It’s very basic and easy to utilize. I don’t have that program in my computer because I don’t use it anymore.

Here are some of the videos I made using that program. Sorry if the quality is not that good. I uploaded these videos long before HD was born XD


I remember that I used NERO’s movie maker once, but I did not like it much so I just dropped it.


I’ve used Windows Movie Maker for quite some time until I was introduced to ULEAD.

Corel: ULEAD
Corel: ULEAD

I began using this program when I was in my 4th year in college. I did not watch any tutorials on how to use it. I just watched my classmate, who was really good at video editing, on how to use it. I somehow picked it up quickly and started using ULEAD, not only in my school projects, but also with my FMVs. Even though I was using that editing tool, I still kept using Windows Movie Maker for simple editing. It was faster, and sometimes, I find using ULEAD a bit ‘stiff.’ I usually encountered few glitches with either the audio or video (e.g., the audio and video will not match, the video will be stuck for a second, etc.). At that time, that situation was unavoidable because the specs of my computer were not that good. I didn’t have enough money to upgrade it so I just tried my best to be resourceful.

I did enjoy using ULEAD because it has a lot of effects; hence, there is a lot of tricks to be done with the videos.

Here are some of the videos I made using ULEAD.

BTW, so far, this is my favorite video that I’ve edited. I experimented with a lot of tricks in here and it worked quite well. I’m very satisfied with it. I still love watching it.

Then this is a celebratory video for Tora and Shou. Some of you guys might find it a bit awkward xD


After graduating, I got a job and save enough dough to upgrade my computer. However, there are still some glitches and it became even WORSE! The last video I edited using ULEAD was 2 years ago and it was a travel journal of my friends and I. I can’t post it in here because it’s my personal video.  Creating that video was very problematic. I needed to re-edit and render it a couple of times because of the FREAKING glitches. After that tooth grinding experience, video editing did not interest me much.

On the other hand, I was again inspired to make an FMV again!  I decided to, finally, use a different program to work FAST and smooth. I don’t want to deal with any glitches or long hours of rendering. If I’ll have those predicaments, I would lose my patience and passion to finish the video I’m editing.

I then tried using Sony Vegas.

Sony Vegas pro 11
Sony Vegas pro 11

I don’t have a clue on how to use it so I watched a few tutorials while doing the FMV that I just made recently. Although I’m still a beginner, I like using it because it’s fast and smooth. I could handle and solve the glitches in a jiffy. It might be a little complicated compared to ULEAD and Windows Movie Maker but you’ll get used to it.

The feature that I like about Sony Vegas is that you can import PSD files! Just imagine the things that you could do with it.

Finally! These are the videos I edited using Sony Vegas.


If you plan on making KICK-ASS FMVs, just be patient and watch other FMVs so you could be inspired and creative. Try different styles of editing and you’ll eventually find your own signature.

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Purchase COPICS in the Phil

Hello my readers!

It’s been a long since I wrote an entry about ART!

Ryutaro Arimura was my model for this piece. It was also inspired by Princess Mononoke ^^
Ryutaro Arimura was my model for this piece. It was also inspired by Princess Mononoke ^^

I already made an article about Copic Markers a long time ago; however, this time I would tell you where you can get those babies in the Philippines.

Just like many aspiring Filipino comic/manga artist, I really wanted to try Copic Markers, since a lot of illustrators are getting fond of using them. I cannot really blame them because those markers have a splendid effect, plus, it also gives a watery ambiance like what you get with watercolors. Even if you bombard your canvass with tons of coatings from those markers, your paper doesn’t easily break.

A little experiment I did with my Copic Markers.
A little experiment I did with my Copic Markers.

Those remarks just makes you want to try those tempting markers out; however, they are not products that you could easily purchase in your local art supply shops, in the Philippines.

Though that might sound a bit discouraging, you don’t need to fret because we already have the INTERNET! You could almost buy anything these days, as long as you have the dough and a net connection.

For those people who don’t have a good relationship in internet shopping, again, you don’t need to worry; I was also like that in the beginning but I had become accustomed to it already. Like they always say, “You’ll find ways to do something that you like to make it into a reality.”



I researched shops/people selling Copic markers; actually, I didn’t expect much, but I still have a hope that I could find a shop, in the Philippines, that sells those markers I crave so much. After searching for HOURS, I found GREATTOYSONLINE. It’s a shop that mostly caters to ‘toy collectors.’

GREATTOYSONLINE has a lot of branches in Manila and they also provide online purchases. Since I bought my Copics personally in their store, I don’t know the means of their payment; on the other hand, you could always ask them.

Their Copics are 240 pesos each. Even though you’ll buy more than a piece, you still need to pay 240 pesos. THERE ARE NO DISCOUNTS. Aside from those markers, Great Toys also offer different items from Copic. Their product availability may vary from time to time; hence, you could just visit their site to see them for yourself.



240 pesos each is indeed very expensive and not many wannabe or professional Filipino mangaka/illustrator could afford them. I’m a cheapskate myself so I didn’t stop looking for cheaper alternatives. I actually almost consider buying from Amazon Japan but I couldn’t read Japanese; in addition, I don’t know if all of the sellers are willing to ship outside Japan.  I then gave up; however, thankfully, when I was looking for a book in MULTIPLY.COM, I accidentally found ARTMEDIA TRADING.  Sadly, at this moment, does not operate anymore; however, Artmedia is still making transactions on their Facebook site.

ARTMEDIA TRADING is an online art store that mostly provides manga materials. On top of their Copic merchandise, the shop also sells Neopiko Markers, Deleter Products, Sakura Pigma, Prismacolor and a lot more.

This is the Sakura Koi I bought from Artmedia. Unfortunately, I'm bad at using watercolors xD I really like Sakura Koi's brush because instead of dipping it over and over, you just need to refill it with water!
This is the Sakura Koi I bought from Artmedia. Unfortunately, I’m bad at using watercolors xD I really like Sakura Koi’s brush because instead of dipping it over and over, you just need to refill it with water!

For 218 pesos per piece, you could get your Copics and color like a pro! On the other hand, it’s still a bit pricey but unlike in Great Toys, Artmedia gives a discount, if you purchase a lot of markers.

Individual pen – 218 
minimum of 6 pcs – 1,300
minimum of 12pcs – 2,600
minimum of 24pcs – 5,150
minimum of 36pcs – 7,700
minimum of 72pcs – 15,250

Furthermore, for a minimum purchase of 500 pesos, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING (JRS express letter only).

I pay them using my PAYPAL account, but you could use BDO, BPI or G-Cash. Artmedia is accommodating, which is a plus point, so I like making transactions with them.  So far, I haven’t had any problems with their products and services.

It’s very difficult to trust people online, especially when money is involved, which is why a thorough RESEARCH is a must. I made this article with the hopes of helping those, who are clueless, on what to do with shopping for manga materials. It’s very hard, for Filipino comic/manga artists, to find mediums that are not manufactured or popular in here.


I’m not rich; I’m very poor, which is why I save all my money just to buy the materials I need. I’m quite choosy when it comes to my medium; I want the best but with reasonable prices.


UPDATES (2018)

Even though I’ve written this article way back in 2013, many people are still reading this article and ask for some advice about purchasing Copic markers in the Philippines.



I’ve seen a site called ARTILLERY on facebook and Instagram, which I think many Filipino comic book artists would love! They sell a lot of Copic products and other art materials. I haven’t bought anything from them, but their website seems LEGIT!

One Copic Sketch is 240 pesos. You can buy a set and customize your colors!

6 pcs – 1,400
12pcs – 2,800
24pcs – 5,450
36pcs – 7,900
72pcs – 15,300

Copic Ciao

6 pcs – 1,050
12pcs – 2,100
24pcs – 4,120
36pcs – 6,150
72pcs – 12,000

This online store also gives 10 % when you subscribe to their newsletter. It’s not a bad deal! In addition, you can pay by bank transfer, PAYPAL, credit card, and COD.

Visit ARTILLERY for more details.

Since I'm poor, I usually use color pencil and copic markers together.
Since I’m poor, I usually use color pencil and Copic markers together.

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