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Etoile : Fanart Manga

Good day my beautiful readers! I’m an old nutcase with bad memory. I thought I published the ‘finish product’ of the FANART MANGA I made for HONGMINA (Fujii Mina and Lee Hong Ki pairing).

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it! I also published it in my DEVIANTART account, so you guys can easily read it.


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COPICS and Fanart

Hello my dear readers!

Today I will just share the COPIC markers that I used for my HONGMINA fanart! I’m still an amateur in using Copic markers; hence, I will just post the colors that helped to make my art colorful!

First, I used E37 & E13 to color Mina’s hair, while I chose YR15, YR82 & YR18 for Hong Ki’s hair.


By the way, this tutorial became my guide in figuring out the suitable colors for my drawing.

Second, I colored Mina’s dress and shoes, in which I utilized BG72, BG10, B52 and BG32.


Third, my lovely RV29 and R21 were applied to put life in the mouth and the cheeks.


Fourth, this is the part that I find very challenging to do, coloring the skin. Even though I have a guide and have the colors that I need, I still find it very difficult to get the correct skin tone. I did pretty well in coloring Mina; however, I’m not satisfied with how I colored my chibi Hong Ki. I used E01, E11 & E000 for their skin.


I hope this tutorial could help you for choosing the correct skin tone.

In this part, finally, I was able to use my N0, T4 and T8. I’ve been longing to put these babies into action for quite some time.


Last is Hong-star clothes! As you can see RV21, RV29, V25, BV02 and BV08 were the colors I chose for his attire.


I hope you enjoy my simple fan art. I hope that I could finish the manga that I’ve been doing, so I could already share it with you guys!


P.S. This fan art is dedicated to all HongMina shippers, especially the Daramji Del. Also, this is an art to show my support to FT Island’s new mini album, THANKS TO and to the lovely Fujii Mina! ^^

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Purchase COPICS in the Phil

Hello my readers!

It’s been a long since I wrote an entry about ART!

Ryutaro Arimura was my model for this piece. It was also inspired by Princess Mononoke ^^
Ryutaro Arimura was my model for this piece. It was also inspired by Princess Mononoke ^^

I already made an article about Copic Markers a long time ago; however, this time I would tell you where you can get those babies in the Philippines.

Just like many aspiring Filipino comic/manga artist, I really wanted to try Copic Markers, since a lot of illustrators are getting fond of using them. I cannot really blame them because those markers have a splendid effect, plus, it also gives a watery ambiance like what you get with watercolors. Even if you bombard your canvass with tons of coatings from those markers, your paper doesn’t easily break.

A little experiment I did with my Copic Markers.
A little experiment I did with my Copic Markers.

Those remarks just makes you want to try those tempting markers out; however, they are not products that you could easily purchase in your local art supply shops, in the Philippines.

Though that might sound a bit discouraging, you don’t need to fret because we already have the INTERNET! You could almost buy anything these days, as long as you have the dough and a net connection.

For those people who don’t have a good relationship in internet shopping, again, you don’t need to worry; I was also like that in the beginning but I had become accustomed to it already. Like they always say, “You’ll find ways to do something that you like to make it into a reality.”



I researched shops/people selling Copic markers; actually, I didn’t expect much, but I still have a hope that I could find a shop, in the Philippines, that sells those markers I crave so much. After searching for HOURS, I found GREATTOYSONLINE. It’s a shop that mostly caters to ‘toy collectors.’

GREATTOYSONLINE has a lot of branches in Manila and they also provide online purchases. Since I bought my Copics personally in their store, I don’t know the means of their payment; on the other hand, you could always ask them.

Their Copics are 240 pesos each. Even though you’ll buy more than a piece, you still need to pay 240 pesos. THERE ARE NO DISCOUNTS. Aside from those markers, Great Toys also offer different items from Copic. Their product availability may vary from time to time; hence, you could just visit their site to see them for yourself.



240 pesos each is indeed very expensive and not many wannabe or professional Filipino mangaka/illustrator could afford them. I’m a cheapskate myself so I didn’t stop looking for cheaper alternatives. I actually almost consider buying from Amazon Japan but I couldn’t read Japanese; in addition, I don’t know if all of the sellers are willing to ship outside Japan.  I then gave up; however, thankfully, when I was looking for a book in MULTIPLY.COM, I accidentally found ARTMEDIA TRADING.  Sadly, at this moment, does not operate anymore; however, Artmedia is still making transactions on their Facebook site.

ARTMEDIA TRADING is an online art store that mostly provides manga materials. On top of their Copic merchandise, the shop also sells Neopiko Markers, Deleter Products, Sakura Pigma, Prismacolor and a lot more.

This is the Sakura Koi I bought from Artmedia. Unfortunately, I'm bad at using watercolors xD I really like Sakura Koi's brush because instead of dipping it over and over, you just need to refill it with water!
This is the Sakura Koi I bought from Artmedia. Unfortunately, I’m bad at using watercolors xD I really like Sakura Koi’s brush because instead of dipping it over and over, you just need to refill it with water!

For 218 pesos per piece, you could get your Copics and color like a pro! On the other hand, it’s still a bit pricey but unlike in Great Toys, Artmedia gives a discount, if you purchase a lot of markers.

Individual pen – 218 
minimum of 6 pcs – 1,300
minimum of 12pcs – 2,600
minimum of 24pcs – 5,150
minimum of 36pcs – 7,700
minimum of 72pcs – 15,250

Furthermore, for a minimum purchase of 500 pesos, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING (JRS express letter only).

I pay them using my PAYPAL account, but you could use BDO, BPI or G-Cash. Artmedia is accommodating, which is a plus point, so I like making transactions with them.  So far, I haven’t had any problems with their products and services.

It’s very difficult to trust people online, especially when money is involved, which is why a thorough RESEARCH is a must. I made this article with the hopes of helping those, who are clueless, on what to do with shopping for manga materials. It’s very hard, for Filipino comic/manga artists, to find mediums that are not manufactured or popular in here.


I’m not rich; I’m very poor, which is why I save all my money just to buy the materials I need. I’m quite choosy when it comes to my medium; I want the best but with reasonable prices.


UPDATES (2018)

Even though I’ve written this article way back in 2013, many people are still reading this article and ask for some advice about purchasing Copic markers in the Philippines.



I’ve seen a site called ARTILLERY on facebook and Instagram, which I think many Filipino comic book artists would love! They sell a lot of Copic products and other art materials. I haven’t bought anything from them, but their website seems LEGIT!

One Copic Sketch is 240 pesos. You can buy a set and customize your colors!

6 pcs – 1,400
12pcs – 2,800
24pcs – 5,450
36pcs – 7,900
72pcs – 15,300

Copic Ciao

6 pcs – 1,050
12pcs – 2,100
24pcs – 4,120
36pcs – 6,150
72pcs – 12,000

This online store also gives 10 % when you subscribe to their newsletter. It’s not a bad deal! In addition, you can pay by bank transfer, PAYPAL, credit card, and COD.

Visit ARTILLERY for more details.

Since I'm poor, I usually use color pencil and copic markers together.
Since I’m poor, I usually use color pencil and Copic markers together.

Please visit my Instagram site and follow me if you like! ^^ I usually post my artworks on my Instagram.

Screen Tones!

Last week I tried using the screen tone I bought at I was a bit scared in using it because I needed to use a cutter (it might damage the paper and my sketch) to scrape off the screen tone in the shape I wanted.

I could feel the cutter pierce thru the paper and it really made me anxious but I made myself focus because if I can’t my illustration would be in jeopardy. Anyways, I was able to cut! Yey! It was nerve racking but I like the effect it gave my sketch! ^^ I’m thinking of ordering some more screen tones and develop my skills further!

Sorry if the quality isn’t good. I just took it with a camera phone. My scanner is broken so I can’t provide a better copy >.<


Btw, I’m just using an ordinary sketch paper but it’s a bit thick compared to ordinary bound paper. However when it comes to using screen tones especially when you have heavy hands, it’s better to use a Kent paper or a Comic Paper, they are quite thick.

I don’t really have a workplace. I just use my bed when I do my sketches or my computer table. Unfortunately my computer table has a lot of junk and my dog is using my bed as his “nap shack” 😛

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I’m so happy (though I’m broke :P) because I finally got the art materials I ordered from Deleter Japan. Deleter is a supplier of manga art materials.

I live in the Philippines and manga isn’t very popular in here and most comic book artist in here are influenced by Western Comic Books so they adopt DC/Marvel Comics style.  There are some people who create manga but they do it digitally. I want to learn the traditional way, it just feels more authentic: P However, finding manga art materials in here is not that easy and that’s the reason why I need to order my materials from Japan.

It’s my first time to order something from the internet so I was quite nervous. I was afraid that I might not get my package or something bad will happen to it (>.<). However I really need the art materials so I just ordered it and hope for the best.

Deleter’s payment method is Paypal so no worries about that and they use EMS/SAL for the delivery. I’ve used EMS before and so far I haven’t had any problems using it and that made me feel at ease. I ordered my materials on July 28, 2012 and received it on August 2, 2012.


I ordered 2 screen tones and I got freebie cut outs from various screen tones ^^


I also bought  the Deleter Comic Book Paper (A4). I got the one with gridlines with it so I won’t have difficulty with the measurements.

Then last but not the least, I got a Tone Hera to help me  apply the screen tones on my comic paper nice and smoothly. Then I also purchased G-pen, Maru-pen,  Saji pen and a grey pigment ink pen (0.1).


I’ve got to go now, after I finish creating my illustration using the materials I bought I’ll post it in here ^^. CHEERS!

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Embracing Other Culture’s Style

Hello everybody! It’s been a long time since I wrote something down…

It’s my dream to be a manga artist. However, I’ve said this before on my previous entry that being a mangaka in the Philippines is very challenging and it seems impossible.

What made me say that it’s because FIRST of all many people will criticize you (in here in the Philippines) for following Japanese style comic books. Some people will say that “you are following a different cultural style, your copying Japanese style”, it’s like indirectly saying that “you are not PATRIOTIC to your country/race”.

Anak ni Dyesebel--Mars Ravelo- Liwayway63-1-sf

This is Mar’s Ravelo’s Anak ni Dyesebel

I mostly get this comment from my other friends who are also artist. They are mainly influenced by Western comic book style. It actually hurts me because I’m not ashamed of my race, my culture or my country. I’m really proud of who I am! It just happens that I admire JAPANESE ART and it has been a big influence in my OWN ART/STYLE. They usually tell me that I should follow Western style comics and it’s the accepted style in here manga’s style is not up the standard.



In the Philippines, our comics are basically influenced by Western comic books. That’s why most people prefer that style. But, I’m just so perplexed because they are COPYING Western style comic books and it’s acceptable but if it’s manga it’s not?!?!

These days, people who are mostly influenced by Japanese art are teenagers. So some people see Japanese Drawing Styles in here kinda childish or you can say “not adult like”. I have one friend who made a comment to my drawings saying “it looks a bit childish or drawn by a kid”. My friend said that when we were drinking, he was drunk.. . But still, a comment is a comment and some people are more courageous when they are drunk.

Me working on my manga…. (:


Anyways, every other artist has their freedom and every artist is influenced by different things which create their own signature.

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Me, My Passion, My work, Believers and Non-believers

Yesterday night, I went drinking with my co-workers and with our boss and his brother. It was very fun because we were able to chill out and forget the stressful week that our work had brought us.

Every day I always bring two bags with me. One is my bag where I put everything that I need (usual girl stuff) then the second bag is where I put my sketches and art materials. Then one of my co-workers asked me if he can see my sketches.  So I showed it to him then one of my Korean co-workers also borrowed it and boss’ brother. They were really impressed by my sketches and they told me that I’m really good at it.

I told them that “I’m not good enough. I still need to practice a lot, I can still see a lot of imperfections”. They were very suprised because they think my drawings are really good. Then my boss’s brother asked me, “What do you plan with your sketches?”, I just told him “I just post it in my blog” then I told them that already applied before to be an illustrator but I was rejected.



I don’t even have my proper work place xD

It was a disappointing experience but I need to use that experience to make me a better artist. Before not many people support me but now a lot of them support me because they have seen my work and they really think it’s really impressive. But I still don’t think that my skills are enough so I must work harder.

However, it’s really hard to focus on my “passion” because of my work. You see guys, I’m an online English teacher but I actually finished “Journalism” xD (It’s a different story, I will tell you guys next time :p)  I didn’t study Fine Arts or anything,  my skills are just self taught.

These days, it’s hard to survive and to look for a job. I like my job because of the people around me but I don’t plan to do it forever. I really want to be an illustrator/Mangaka so every day I work hard so I rarely have free time. I also love writing so from time to time I write in my blog ^^. I’m just earning enough money so I can study again, but I’m still going to work even though I’m going to study so I can support my everyday financial needs.


finish work

I want my dream to come true! We must find ways to fulfill our dreams because it won’t just come to us. We must do our best to chase and grab it! Nothing is going to happen if we’ll just idle around. Sometimes I’m losing hope but I just keep on drawing and it makes me realize “this is what I really want to do”.