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A Newbie in Joining an Art Contest

Hello guys! Today I’m going to ask for your help.

It’s my first time to join an ART CONTEST so I’m quite clueless on what to do.  I joined the art contest because I want to do something new and improve myself as an artist. Though I really like to draw a lot, I’ve never challenged myself to participate in a contest before even when I was in school. I was not very confident but today I want to face my fears.

By the way the art contest that I joined in was in and here is my piece.

I couldn't upload the original image in here because it's against the rules.
I couldn’t upload the original image in here because it’s against the rules.

I wanted to create something that would make the people look at my artwork and try and figure out the story behind it. I don’t know if I was able to do that so I’m looking forward to your comments! I also hope that you could vote for me or click the HEART button!

Thank you so much!

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Oh my BOOTS!

There’s a point in every girl’s life that she will fall in love with shoes.

When I was a kid, I never really got the things I want. My parents did not buy clothes or shoes that I like. The garments that they bought for me was according to their preference and budget. In short, my childhood wardrobe was boring and I only owned a few pairs of shoes, in which, some of them were my sister’s hand-me downs. I did not complain about it because I understood our situation. We are just an average family with tight resources. Because of those circumstances, I became a cheapskate and my love for clothes and shoes was born.

I love dressing up but there are times that I’m quite lazy to sort out my attire; however, I don’t want to be dull. For me, fashion is an art and we use it to express our emotions and personality. I’m a person who is always seeking new ways to convey my creativity in different mediums, and ‘fashion’ is just one of those methods; however, I can’t deny that from time to time, the ART of PROCRASTINATION outwits my system. As a result, whenever I want to be in style but too lazy to dress-up, wearing my BOOTS comes in handy.

My red Dr. Martens
My red Dr. Martens

I don’t know but there is something about boots that makes your whole attire ‘edgy.’ Even if you would just wear a shirt and jeans, your outfit would definitely look COOL when you add boots.



I LOVE collecting shoes, from boots to sneakers and flats; I buy it as long as it will help me spice up my wardrobe. I also wear high-heals, even though I don’t use them that much because they freaking KILL my feet; I only wear them on special occasions.

My BOOTS collection! I threw out 4 pairs already because of the flood ><
My BOOTS collection! I threw out 4 pairs already because of the flood ><

I have a lot of shoes but my favorite is my PRECIOUS boots! It’s very comfortable and fashionable. I love them so much that they are the usual shoes that I draw. xD

IMG_20130425_205549 IMG_20130425_211527

If you want an effortless fashion, I recommend you to buy a pair of boots to make your look more enthralling. However, you must also have confidence to carry out your own STYLE.