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Spread Your Colors with COLORLESS BLENDER

Hello my dear readers! I’m really glad that a lot of people, especially Filipinos, were reading my articles about COPIC MARKERS.

COPICS are a bit pricey and hard to find in the Philippines. Hence, when I first started using them, I struggled and almost regret buying my first 10 pieces. I was clueless on how flawlessly blend the colors using my limited number of Copics. I kept searching for tutorials, techniques, and ways to keep my wallet from being hungry.

After several hours of clicking and typing, I stumbled across an article about COLORLESS BLENDER.

This is the link.

The tutorial showed how the “0” marker easily spreads out and perfectly mixes the colors together, making it cheaper and efficient. However, there’s a catch. It was not available in ARTMEDIA or GREATTOYSONLINE. (But that was waaaaaaaaaay back! I don’t know if they’re selling it right now.)

I didn’t have a COLORLESS BLENDER until I came and lived in Japan.

Even though I was broke, I still bought my very first “0” marker in Tokyu Hands. It felt like seeing my dream guy xD I was really happy to have it. When I finally settled in to my new home, I kept looking for the refill, since I use my COLORLESS BLENDER a lot! I found it in an art shop 25 mins (on foot) away from my house.

  • The refill cost about 1,500 yen and the “0” marker cost like any other copic sketch, which is about 300 yen (not including tax).



  • The colorless blender does not only make it easier for me to mix the colors, but it also helps me to achieve this “cloudy-watery-texture.”



  • It could also get rid of those unwanted colours outside your linear art. But, sometimes, it doesn’t really make them disappear, it only makes them SPREAD!!!!! So be careful!
  • Instead of refilling your marker, you could do a direct approach. Pour your refill in a cup (or something smaller than that) and use a brush to blend the copics.

This entry might not help those artists in the Philippines. On the other hand, I think if you guys request it to ARTMEDIA or GREATTOYSONLINE they might order it from their suppliers, knowing there is a market for it.

Write your comments or questions. I’ll try to reply to you guys as fast as I can! ^^



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