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TIME FOR YOU by Rico Blanco (Guitar Chords)

CAPO 2nd Fret
Intro: D- F#m- G

D                                          F#m
Once i was missing but you found me

G                                               A
Lost in a maze of my fears and anxieties

D                                          F#m
Once i was drowning but you got me high

G                                                               A
Now I’m on top of the world, surfing with satellites


D                 F#m                    G    A
Your love soothes and cools

D         F#m
Makin’ everything alright

G                           A
Illuminating my nights and days

D                 F#m                    G    A
Guess it’s time for you

D         F#m
To hold me close to your  heart

G                A
Never allow us to part ways

D                             F#m
Once I was cynical and too jaded

G                                            A
Where I saw misery, now i see hope instead

D                                            F#m
Because you showed me, just what is means

G                                                        A
To hold a love that one could only find in dreams




I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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