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It’s been a while guys! I’ve been working on some of my short stories, which I could hopefully upload on here. Anyways, I’m gonna share how I colored this baby!


I’m still a beginner in using COPIC MARKERS so I’m just constantly experimenting. I was so scared to color this piece because I really like it! It’s my fanart for the movie BAREFOOT, staring Rachel Evan Wood and Scott Speedman. This movie had a lot of bad reviews, but it has a lot of heart and I find it very adorable.

 Going back to my art, these are the markers that I used.

Daisy’s golden locks


I struggled with this part. I didn’t want her hair to be too bright. I actually wanted it to be pale, however, my supply of YELLOW Copic markers was limited. For the base, I use Y000 then I used Y04, which I find quite bright so I mixed it up with Y18 and Y26, giving it a brownish-blonde effect. I also use E37 to add more definition to the dark spots. For unavoidable mistakes (like keeping the colors in the border), I use my Colorless Blender


Daisy’s Dress


I just utilized my G94 and G21 to draw squares on her dress, nothing special. I really like these shades of Green. It feels a bit rustic and vintage.


Jay’s Shirt


Okay, I already used my pigment pens to define the crease of his shirt; hence, my copics didn’t do much. I used the markers BG18 and BG72. However, I thought it was not as dark as Jay’s shirt in the movie, so I used my grey tone copics T4 and NO no.0


Wooden Background


Just like the shirt, this part already has a lot of details. I colored it with E35, for the lighter parts, then shading it with E37.


The Flowers and the Greens


This was easy. I didn’t do any shading with the flowers. I just utilized my BV23, YR15, and Y04 to make it colorful. On the other hand, I did do a little shading for the pink ones, where I used R02 for base and R05 in accentuating its center.

I also make use of my Golden Pen Brush and White Color Pen to highlight some tiny parts of this sketch.


Jay’s Tan Skin


For the base, I tried out my E50, then, to make it darker, my E53 marker came in handy. However, I want it to be more tanned, so that’s where E11 and E00 got into the picture.


Daisy’s Skin


I struggled with this one because I wanted her to have a pallid complexion. But, I was clueless on which color should I use to get this outcome. I just played it safe and utilized my trusty Colorless Blender as the base, then E50 for the shade, plus my E00 and E02 for the pinkish effect on Daisy’s shoulder, elbow, eyes, and cheek.


 Here’s the finish product, hope you guys like it!


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