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Drawing Tips: Inking Galore!

Hello my dear readers!

Today I will show you how I ‘ink’ my sketches. I’m not an expert, but that’s the reason I keep on drawing and inking. Art is a continuous journey and progress.

Way back on my old entries, I told you guys that I use UNIPIN, India Ink and brush for accentuating my drawings. I have difficulty in using quills that’s why I don’t use it much.

Anyways, here is a video of how I ink! I had a hard time filming this because I was holding my phone and drawing at the same time; hence, I apologize for the shots that were a bit blurry. And also, before I forget, the music that I choose for the demo was World’s End Girlfriend’s Les Enfants du Paradis.

I hope Jared Leto does not mind me drawing his resplendent bun xD So what do you guys think?

I'm not really good in copying, so I'm really happy that many people still like this piece! ^^ thank u! <3
I’m not really good in copying, so I’m really happy that many people still like this piece! ^^ thank u! ❤

Copic Artworks has featured this on their Tumblr account and The Echelon Empire on their Facebook, as well as on their Tumblr. This was just a simple fanart, but many people really appreciate it. I’m really overwhelmed and I want to thank you guys! Your support keeps me fired up to draw more!

By the way, I used copic markers and colleen color pencils to color this piece. I would try to make a tutorial on how I utilize my copics and color pencils.

For those who are at loss on how to ink, I hope this helps. Most of the aspiring and the indie comic book artists, whom I know, use UNIPIN for inking. It’s very affordable, user friendly, and you can find it at your local stationary/bookstore. So if you don’t have any idea how to intensify your drawings, I suggest that you try this pen out!

Some of my materials... I just took this using my webcam so I'm sorry for the low resolution.
Some of my materials… I just took this using my webcam so I’m sorry for the low resolution.

I also use SAKURA PIGMA; however, I still order it from Artmedia. Unipin  has point 0.05 (smallest) up to 0.8 (biggest); with regards to Sakura Pigma, I’m not sure because I only bought it once and it’s pretty much the same with Unipin.

Keep ART alive!