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How I Met My Sketchpad

Hello my dear readers! How was your valentines?

Anyways, when I was just starting to take my craft seriously, my main problem was my CANVAS. Every artist has their own style and preferred medium, so, in order for me to FIND the ‘ONE,’ I experimented and bought a lot of materials. I could say that it was one of the arduous moments of my life, and it really put a hole in my pocket. But, I did not really mind because it all paid off!

As you can see on my blog, I’m head over heels for INKING! But finding the perfect paper that will match my wondrous Indian ink and pigment pens took a lot of time.

And this is ‘How I Met My Sketchpad.’

(Pun intended xD)


First is Best Buy’s Sketchpad.

9"x12" It's about 40 pesos.
It’s about 40 pesos.

I had 4 of these because at that time I was just a meager, cheapskate student. In addition, INKING was not yet in my vocabulary. I just simply used pencil and paper, and I was okay with that. However, similar to other artists, I seek for growth. I wanted to expand my horizon and try out ‘inking,’ since my goal is to be a MANGAKA someday.

And like any other relationships, we had a falling out. Because of his rough texture, the ink bleeds too much which created unrefined lines.


I then decided to move on and find the one that will fill my needs as an artist. xD


4 years ago, I devoted myself in teaching English to Korean students, but, I never gave up my craft. One of my students was very interested in ‘manga,’ so during our break, we mostly talked about anime, games, and comic books. His cousin was really good in designing characters, and one time, my student showed me his cousin’s  sketchbook. Its surface was really smooth and it was perfect for inking!

I searched for sketchbooks with smooth sheets that can handle my pen and brush; and hence, that is how I met YASAKA.

9"x12" If I'm not mistakes, I think it was about 75 pesos.
If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s about 75 pesos.

 He was my favorite. Damn, I loved him. I drew some of my most memorable and outstanding pieces on him. He was the first sketchpad that I inked. But one day, I just couldn’t find him in any bookstores in my town. I was distraught, but I need to move on and look again.


After caressing several sketchpads, Li’l Hand’s drawing book got me at one touch! xD

Same size with Yasaka. i think he was about 45 pesos.

He was also exceptionally fine, but he only has few sheets! So even though he still had something to offer, I kept on looking for the one who could carry out my demands.


Finally! After a grueling search for Mr. Right, I found him! He was made from China, and his name was SUMIAO SUXIEBEN. His paper was a lot thicker compared to Yasaka and Li’l Hands; hence, he could handle my heavy duty inking and coloring Copics!

Sumiao was a bit wider compared to my other sketchbooks. He is about 13″x10″ and his price was around 150+ pesos. The small ones are 10.5″x 7.5″ and cost 74 pesos.

I love him so much that even bought a mini Sumiao so I could take it with me anywhere. However, just like with Yasaka, this sketchpad is quite rare. It is not sold in National Bookstore or Pandayan. I bought it on Expressions but they only have a few of him are left! When the time my Sumiao bids his farewell, I hope that he is still available, in the place where we first met. xD



This is a sketchpad that one of my students gave me! Thank you Nicole!


It has a soft surface but its paper is quite thin. The ink easily seeps thru it.

This piece is damaged by molds because of the flood.
This piece is damaged by molds because of the flood.

Last, but not the least, is my most expensive paper, which I still need the assistance of EMS just to be with him, DELETER MANGA PAPER. He was not only pricey; he was also the smoothest and thickest paper that I’ve ever inked. Drawing on him was awe-inspiring! However, I only used him on special occasions. Hopefully I could show you guys my upcoming mini-manga!


I’ve written about Deleter before, so if you want to read more infos about him, just read it in here.

So, how about you? How did you meet your sketchpad?

My babies <3
My babies ❤


I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

2 thoughts on “How I Met My Sketchpad

  1. I found this page while Googling to see if Yasaka sketchpads still exist. I guess not, but fortunately, I did buy up several of them years ago so I have a few left. 😦

    Have you found any decent ones that go for cheap and have plenty of sheets? I’ve got some okay ones, but I’m looking for something for quicker doodles that deserve better than newsprint and worse than expensive higher-quality paper.

    And as long as I’m here, I should say that the improvement in your art from the first pic to the last is really wonderful to see. 🙂

    1. The sketchpads that I can suggest to you is the one I posted, the chinese one. It has a really smooth surface that is perfect for doodling. There are rough sketchpads and I think it’s a bit cheaper. Look around Expressions, I’m sure you can find one.

      The sketchpads being sold in the National Bookstoe in my hometown have rough surfaces, which I’m not really fond of.

      Since I’m not in the Phil anymore, I’m ot really updated with the sketchpads available there…


      Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting!

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