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Hello again my dear readers!

For a couple of months, I bombarded you with a lot of my ‘shipping’ thoughts and fanarts of We Got Married Global’s HONGMINA. I apologize to HongMina shippers because I haven’t posted entries about our Daramji couple anymore. I just became super preoccupied with my new job.

Anyways, this is going to be my first entry for 2014 and it is going to be about my latest addiction, SLEEPY HOLLOW!


I’m actually a big TIM BURTON fan and ‘Sleepy Hollow’ (the movie) was the one who turned me into his fan. I really really love the movie, so when I first heard they are going to turn it into a series, I just said, “Oh no, another unoriginal idea that might BUTCHER one of my fave movies.” You can’t blame me for being skeptical because most of the shows and movies, in the US (also in the Phil), are just remaking old and successful concepts; so when the Sleepy Hollow series came out, I just flatly IGNORED it.

A few months have passed by, I got addicted with WGMG and became an active Daramji Del, got busy with my new career, and then I got bored.  I’ve watched a couple of movies and listen to all sorts of music to keep my mind inspired and creative, but, NOTHING CLICKED.  However, I remembered an article in YAHOO (thank you for writing something RELEVANT) about the TV flops and hits of 2013, in which SLEEPY HOLLOW was mentioned being one of the hot new series.

Last December 2013, during my Xmas and New Year vacation, I decided to watch the first adventure of Mr. Ichabod Crane and ‘Leftenant’ Abigail Mills, AND I WAS IMMEDIATELY HOOKED! I started watching it around 9:00 pm and I finished it around 7:00 am! My PANDA eyes came back, but I didn’t mind being a SLEEPYHEAD! I just couldn’t stop talking, thinking, and blogging (on my Tumblr) SLEEPY HOLLOW! I even watch AFTERBUZZ on YouTube just to satisfy my SLEEPY CRAVING!

PS. I rarely listen to podcasts, but I came to love AFTERBUZZ thru Sleepy Hollow   ^^

Great job Matt, Jacque and Stephen!


So, anyways, here are the things why I love Sleepy Hollow.

1. The ‘silly moments’ are very witty. My ultimate fave one is when Ichabod had a heart to heart talk with ‘Yolanda. For me, it’s one of the  scenes in Sleepy Hollow that really dig a grave in my memory. It’s very surprising and hilarious! It’s very interesting to watch how Ichabod reacts to the wonders of the 21st century.

Ichabod trying out the Northstar Assistance
Ichabod tries out the Northstar Assistance

2. Well written script. I just love the lines that each character says. It’s very quotable. He he he…

Ichabod found out that the water he drank on the lake (ep 1) is defiled.
Ichabod found out that the water he drank on the lake (ep 1) is defiled.

3. The chemistry between ICHABBIE is astounding! I’m officially shipping this ship! I don’t really in-your-face-love story, I like to see how 2 characters, who are not mutually attracted, to slowly open up and trust each other. Yeah, I know that ship is not CANON but I can’t help to  LOVE IT! I do hope it will be canon 😛

In Ep 6, Crane says goodbye to Abbie
In Ep 6, Crane says goodbye to Abbie

I just love how they care about each other, but you also know it’s not ‘love love’ because our Mr. Time traveler is still deeply in love with his wife. Ichabod is not a douche, and like what Orlando Jones said, “Crane is a man of principle.” Given this reason, I will patiently wait for  Ichabbie 😛

Moreover, the creators of Sleepy Hollow like to tease the audience for giving these cute Ichabbie moments; they themselves can’t even deny the electrifying chemistry between Beharie and Mison! I mean, those 2 are just FREAKING LOOKING at each other, but it’s already making the fangirls SQUEEL! I love their simple, yet, sweet moments.

Making-out is so overrated.  If you can make people SHIP, without even showing-off super smoochie scenes, well bro, you have found your perfect pair.

O-oh, looks like Mrs. Crane is a bit jealous.
O-oh, looks like Mrs. Crane is a bit jealous.

4. It’s very informative. I never really like history, but watching Sleepy Hollow engaged me to be interested in what happened in the past; moreover, the topic about witches, demons, and unsolved cases, such as Virginia White, are quite intriguing to know.

Thomas came from the lost colony Roanoke.
Thomas came from the lost colony Roanoke.

5. Wonderful cast.


6. Tom Mison is the perfect Ichabod. His striking looks and British accent just melt my heart.

a handsome compilation of Ichy ^^
a handsome compilation of Ichy ^^

 7. Abbie Mills is no damsel in distress. She does not need to rely on anyone to get her job done. And despite her tough exterior, she has a soft heart.

The gorgeous Nicole Beharie
The gorgeous Nicole Beharie

8. Straight forward storytelling. I never get bored with watching every episode of Sleepy Hollow because it’s condensed and fast paced.

9. Great wardrobe! I know many of you want to see Ichabod change his clothes, I do too, but, it’s already an iconic look. I’m afraid if he alters his looks, it would just feel weird. Do you guys remember the show FELICITY? When the actress changed her signature hairstyle, many said that the show kind of lost its charming point.

hipster crane or modern ichy?
hipster crane or modern ichy?

10. It is not a copycat of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. If people ask me which do I think is better, I could not possibly answer it because they are very different from each other. Watch them both and you’ll know what I mean.

crane vs crane
crane vs crane

So what do you guys think? What turned you into a SLEEPYHEAD?



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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