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Another Tragedy

Hello my dear readers!

You guys have probably heard of the typhoon Haiyan, which is said to be the strongest tropical cyclone. Typhoon Haiyan is also known as ‘Yolanda’ in the Philippines.

I decided to write an entry about this incident because my country has been experiencing a lot of natural disasters, which really made me upset. In September 2013, my hometown, Olongapo, was hit by a storm that almost drowned all of its houses and establishments. Then, October came and another tragedy took place in my country; an earthquake shook the whole Central Visayas. It was reported that Bohol, as well as Cebu, where the badly affected areas.

In Cebu, a man was found under fragments of concrete, by rescuers. source:
A man was found under fragments of concrete, by recuers.

The Philippines has not yet recovered from the previous disaster; however, another calamity was given to us. According to the reports, the lives of more than 400 people were already taken away by Yolanda.

A badly hit coastal community in Iloilo. source:
A badly hit coastal community in Iloilo.

Every year, my country experiences natural calamities, particularly from typhoons. Despite of that Filipinos are known to be very optimistic individuals. Sometimes we can be a bit stubborn and unorganized, but we still have ‘Bayanihan’ in our blood. We help each other out through challenging and heartrending times.

Many people have lost their love ones and properties, and in addition, they are lacking in food and water.

If you would like to help out or make contributions, you could go to this site.

Beside from donations, prayers and moral support are also deeply appreciated.



Before, I really felt unfortunate after experiencing the flood that happened last September; however, after seeing what happened to the victims of the earthquake and Yolanda, I realized my family and I were actually very lucky.

We don’t have much money but we want to help out the victims.  My sister suggested that we should give the clothes that we don’t use anymore. As soon as we had woken up this morning, we packed up the clothes we don’t wear in two big sacks.

My brother and my mum gathering some of our clothes.
My brother and my mum gathering some of our clothes.
The 2 sacks we filled up!
Our 2 sacks of clothes! ^^

I want to thank all the people who helped the Philippines. It’s so wonderful to see that even children are making an effort to gather donations for the victims.

2 girls selling lemonade for the victims of the typhoon.
Foreigners, who were stranded in the Philippines, helped unpack the relief goods.
The Japan Disaster Relief Medical Team is sent to the Philippines for a disaster relief mission.
source: Filipino’s Patriotism @ Facebook

Thank you world for making  us feel that we are not alone.



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