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COPICS and Fanart

Hello my dear readers!

Today I will just share the COPIC markers that I used for my HONGMINA fanart! I’m still an amateur in using Copic markers; hence, I will just post the colors that helped to make my art colorful!

First, I used E37 & E13 to color Mina’s hair, while I chose YR15, YR82 & YR18 for Hong Ki’s hair.


By the way, this tutorial became my guide in figuring out the suitable colors for my drawing.

Second, I colored Mina’s dress and shoes, in which I utilized BG72, BG10, B52 and BG32.


Third, my lovely RV29 and R21 were applied to put life in the mouth and the cheeks.


Fourth, this is the part that I find very challenging to do, coloring the skin. Even though I have a guide and have the colors that I need, I still find it very difficult to get the correct skin tone. I did pretty well in coloring Mina; however, I’m not satisfied with how I colored my chibi Hong Ki. I used E01, E11 & E000 for their skin.


I hope this tutorial could help you for choosing the correct skin tone.

In this part, finally, I was able to use my N0, T4 and T8. I’ve been longing to put these babies into action for quite some time.


Last is Hong-star clothes! As you can see RV21, RV29, V25, BV02 and BV08 were the colors I chose for his attire.


I hope you enjoy my simple fan art. I hope that I could finish the manga that I’ve been doing, so I could already share it with you guys!


P.S. This fan art is dedicated to all HongMina shippers, especially the Daramji Del. Also, this is an art to show my support to FT Island’s new mini album, THANKS TO and to the lovely Fujii Mina! ^^



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

6 thoughts on “COPICS and Fanart

  1. DAEBAK! <<<333 your illustrations! These markers look great for coloring…you did an amazing job including their skin.

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