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My Video Editing Helpers

This is the first time I’m going to write something about video editing. Hope you guys will like this.

I’ve become interested in video editing ever since I started doing video productions when I was in college. I’m a Mass Communication graduate so I’m pretty interested in a visual and audio presentation. I’m not really interested in being in front of the camera. I’m more eager in what’s happening behind the scenes. Whenever we have a school project, it’s either I’m the script writer, video/audio editor or director; sometimes, I do all of it.

Anyways, I really enjoy video editing and I became more inspired with it when I watched amazing FMVs (Fan Made Videos) in Youtube. It’s actually my dream to become a MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR. It’s a great union of my love for music and video making, which is why whenever I make an FMV, I must first find the perfect music. On the other hand, although you found your perfect music and clips, making an FMV is not that easy. You must find the perfect video editor.

When I was a super amateur in video editing (I still am xD), I first used WINDOW MOVIE MAKER. It’s pretty much a program that a 10 year old could tinker. It’s very basic and easy to utilize. I don’t have that program in my computer because I don’t use it anymore.

Here are some of the videos I made using that program. Sorry if the quality is not that good. I uploaded these videos long before HD was born XD


I remember that I used NERO’s movie maker once, but I did not like it much so I just dropped it.


I’ve used Windows Movie Maker for quite some time until I was introduced to ULEAD.

Corel: ULEAD
Corel: ULEAD

I began using this program when I was in my 4th year in college. I did not watch any tutorials on how to use it. I just watched my classmate, who was really good at video editing, on how to use it. I somehow picked it up quickly and started using ULEAD, not only in my school projects, but also with my FMVs. Even though I was using that editing tool, I still kept using Windows Movie Maker for simple editing. It was faster, and sometimes, I find using ULEAD a bit ‘stiff.’ I usually encountered few glitches with either the audio or video (e.g., the audio and video will not match, the video will be stuck for a second, etc.). At that time, that situation was unavoidable because the specs of my computer were not that good. I didn’t have enough money to upgrade it so I just tried my best to be resourceful.

I did enjoy using ULEAD because it has a lot of effects; hence, there is a lot of tricks to be done with the videos.

Here are some of the videos I made using ULEAD.

BTW, so far, this is my favorite video that I’ve edited. I experimented with a lot of tricks in here and it worked quite well. I’m very satisfied with it. I still love watching it.

Then this is a celebratory video for Tora and Shou. Some of you guys might find it a bit awkward xD


After graduating, I got a job and save enough dough to upgrade my computer. However, there are still some glitches and it became even WORSE! The last video I edited using ULEAD was 2 years ago and it was a travel journal of my friends and I. I can’t post it in here because it’s my personal video.  Creating that video was very problematic. I needed to re-edit and render it a couple of times because of the FREAKING glitches. After that tooth grinding experience, video editing did not interest me much.

On the other hand, I was again inspired to make an FMV again!  I decided to, finally, use a different program to work FAST and smooth. I don’t want to deal with any glitches or long hours of rendering. If I’ll have those predicaments, I would lose my patience and passion to finish the video I’m editing.

I then tried using Sony Vegas.

Sony Vegas pro 11
Sony Vegas pro 11

I don’t have a clue on how to use it so I watched a few tutorials while doing the FMV that I just made recently. Although I’m still a beginner, I like using it because it’s fast and smooth. I could handle and solve the glitches in a jiffy. It might be a little complicated compared to ULEAD and Windows Movie Maker but you’ll get used to it.

The feature that I like about Sony Vegas is that you can import PSD files! Just imagine the things that you could do with it.

Finally! These are the videos I edited using Sony Vegas.


If you plan on making KICK-ASS FMVs, just be patient and watch other FMVs so you could be inspired and creative. Try different styles of editing and you’ll eventually find your own signature.



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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