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We Got Married Global Edition_Daramji Couple: Ep. 11

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Hello my dear READERS! I’ve decided to write my thoughts about HongMina’s We Got Married Global: Episode 11, since I already finished writing 9 and 10. This chapter is one of my favorites because Hong Ki and Mina got to know each other in a much deeper level; their argument, in episode 10, helped their relationship to mature and made them more considerate with each other.


The second night of their honeymoon was the opening scene in this chapter. It was indeed undeniable that our daramji couple was very exhausted, from the activities they have done that day; not to mention, the argument that rocked their splendid honeymoon.

HongMina back to their honeymoon room.
HongMina back to their honeymoon room.

Even though they were tired, the couple made most of their time; hence, our dear Hongstar decided to ‘officially’ use his Mina-Coupons. Upon hearing this suggestion, Mina was very excited and eager to finally grant her husband’s wish.

Mina gets excited over the official usage of her COUPONS! ^^
Mina gets excited over the official usage of her COUPONS! ^^

Hong Ki asked for a foot massage; even though his other half does not know how to do it, Mina gleefully agreed to do so.

The first wish written on Mina's coupons.
The first wish written on Mina’s coupons.

In the end, HongMina ended up massaging each other’s feet. Then, our witty Hong-chan discovered Mina’s weakness— her feet are very ticklish—which amused him very much.

Another weakness, of our lovely Mina, is revealed!
Another weakness, of our lovely Mina, is revealed!

Later on, the two of them unleashed their competitive personalities by making a bet. This time our dear Hong-chan won!

HongMina on their competitive mode again.
HongMina on their competitive mode again.

After that, Hong Ki gave Mina an additional freebie, a hand massage. It seemed like Mina has already forgotten the heartrending feelings, caused by the disagreement that happened between her and Hong Ki.

Hong Ki's sweet apology.
Hong Ki’s sweet apology.


Anyways, let’s jump off to another show for a moment. I watched this drama called NAIL SHOP PARIS. The characters are nail artists and one of the services they offer was a hand massage. Usually they massage the hand of their customers before they start doing nail art.

A scene in Nail Shop Paris  , where Alex (one of the main characters) gently massages is customer's hand.
A scene in Nail Shop Paris , where Alex (one of the main characters) gently massages his customer’s hand.

I immediately  remembered HK and made me think, “Oooh!  Maybe that’s why he seemed really good at massaging Mina’s hand!”


Let’s now go back to our Daramji couple!

 Even though he was laughing and enjoying his bonding time with his wife — this is so far my ‘own’ perspective— I still felt that Hong Ki was not able to abandon his guilt; he still seemed a bit depressed for making Mina cry.

Hong Ki tells the reason behind his hand massage service to Mina.
Hong Ki tells the reason behind his hand massage service to Mina.

Hong Ki wanted to please his other half; hence, doing activities which were all in her favor: officially using the coupons, giving her a foot massage, massaging her hands and also letting her be 2 years younger.  xD

Hong Ki lets Mina to lie about her age xD
Hong Ki lets Mina to lie about her age xD

 Hong Ki chose action over words, in order to express his sincere apology to his dearest Mina.


Okay let’s go to another show again xD Have you watched LOVELY COMPLEX? It’s one of my favorite anime! Anyways, the reason I mentioned this show is because Mina’s situation kind of reminded me of the heroine in LC. Mina is very concerned about the age gap between her and HK. Having a younger guy as her partner is very new to her; hence, she’s still worried about it, which I think is not a big deal. But you know, you are not going to be concerned about it if you don’t fancy that person.


In Mina’s case, “could it be because you’ve fallen for a guy who’s younger than you?”  Okay enough of my SUPER DELUSIONAL MODE. Let’s resume to discussing EP 11 of WGMG xD


After letting Mina to be his ‘dongsaeng,’ Hong ki finally demonstrates his middle-school-antic as his concluding treat.

Hong Ki shows off his magic talent.
Hong Ki shows off his magic talent.

Lucky for our dear Hong-chan, Mina is an innocent, elegant lady who is unaware with such tricks; hence, making him succeed in performing his ‘magic trick.’ His wife was very much impressed that only a “WHOAAH” could only describe her feeling. Mina then told her husband that the ‘twinge,’ which she felt in the magic trick, felt good and it −somehow− feels like the same twinge she experienced when she first met him; this statement just puts a shy smile on Hong Ki’s chubby face (he he he ). In addition, to know she’s not sailing the ship alone, Mina boldly asked Hong Ki if he also feels the “WHOAAH” feeling whenever they are together −very much to her surprise− he bashfully confessed that he does.

Mina boldly asked her husband if he felt a 'twinge' whenever he's with her.
Mina boldly asked her husband if he felt a ‘twinge’ whenever he’s with her.


The night has ended and the last day of the honeymoon awaits our Daramji couple. HongMina took a walk on the dock, while Hong-chan pretends to be a reporter again.

HongMina is on role-play-mode again.
HongMina is on role-play-mode again.

After that role play, Mina asked for another wish, which is a shoulder-ride, to her husband; it was a wish that quite stunned him. Hong Ki seemed to be unwilling to this request but I guess he still hasn’t recovered from the Kayak incident; hence, he continues to redeem himself by pleasing his wife.

Hong Ki made Mina's wish come true again! ^^
Hong Ki made Mina’s wish come true again! ^^

I guess Hong Ki does not like activities that make him tired. Watching this episode takes me back to EP 2 where our little groom, almost, did not fulfill his wife’s first wish and that is a piggyback ride. The only reason why he gave in to Mina’s suggestion is because she might get the wrong idea about Korean men. Nevertheless, on the first day of their honeymoon, HongMina are really getting comfortable with each other, which is why –I guess− Hong Ki finally had the guts to reject his other half’s piggyback request.

Anyways, the couple then proceeded to the yacht where they ‘pretended’ to be pirates and imitated, AGAIN, the famous ‘Rose-Jack-I’m-Flying-Scene.’ xD

The never ending role-play of our Daramji Couple continues.
The never ending role-play of our Daramji Couple continues.

Mina and Hong Ki shared a lot of sweet moments in the yacht and there was a particular scene that caught my eye, in which, I know I’m not alone, and I also know that many of you have said “YAHADA” at that part.

Sweet moments in the yacht. <3 <3 <3
Sweet moments in the yacht.

Hong-chan really does LOVE skinship. xD

Okay, okay, enough of YAHADA, and let’s further discuss our couple’s deeper feelings. Our Daramji couple seemed to be really enjoying their time in the yacht; however, to truly experience the essence of Okinawa, they need to take a plunge and enjoy its clear water. Hong Ki and Mina first tried ridding the PEANUT BOAT; it was a ride that perfectly fits Hong-chan’s character, while it was in contrast with his wife’s personality.

Mina's patience is tested by the peanut boat!
Mina’s patience is tested by the peanut boat!

I really like this part because we witnessed Mina to almost lose her temper. She’s always been patient and tries her best to understand her childish husband, but in this part, her true emotions just popped out!

It's now Mina's turn to be upset over an activity they've done together.
It’s now Mina’s turn to be upset over an activity they’ve done together.

Because of this thrilling activity, the two of them finally understood each other.



Following that ride that almost caused Mina’s mental breakdown, our Daramji couple finally decided to jump in the vast sea of Okinawa; however, Mina was a bit hesitant to do so because it’s cold; hence, Hong Ki suggested that they should jump after the count of three. Once again, Mina knows her husband’s playful ways and thus did not jump into the water after the count of three. Just like her prediciton, Hong Ki tried to outwit her but failed to beat her instincts. The two of them just ended up having an awkward laugh.

Both of them are trying to outwit each other again.
Both of them are trying to outwit each other again.

A bittersweet conclusion of our Daramji couple’s honeymoon has finally come. While walking on the American inspired street on ‘Depot Island,’ Hong Ki and Mina also went to buy some souvenirs. Thankfully, shopping is an activity that they both like; hence, no more pressure, just pure fun.

Our Daramji Couple had their final honeymoon date in Depot Island.
Our Daramji Couple had their final honeymoon date in Depot Island.

Upon noticing the rack of scented candles, Hong ki told his wife that he recently bought some of those candles. He then chose, among the ones on the shelf, the candle that shares the same scent to his room; much to his surprise, Mina decided to buy the same candle because she said that she likes its fragrance.

Hong Ki let his wife know his room's scent!
Hong Ki let his wife know his room’s scent!

Furthermore, our Daramji couple went on to continue their shopping escapade.

I have dry eyes, maybe :P
I have dry eyes, maybe 😛

In this part, I’m just wondering why he asked Mina to buy his underpants, any ideas anyone? xD

Hong Ki asks his wife to pick an underpants for him.
Hong Ki asked his wife to pick an underpants for him.

When they were about to pay for the items they have chosen, Hong Ki again told Mina that the scented candle she bought really smells good and it’s the scent of his room; he also asked her AGAIN if she likes that kind of smell. Once again, Mina answered “yes” and explained her thoughts about her husband’s scent.

Just by his scent, Mina will  always remember her number one star.
Just by his scent, Mina will always remember her number one star.

 This is actually one of my favorite parts of WGMG because it felt INTIMATE. In addition, watching this episode brought back some of my memories of ‘the first time I remembered someone’s particular scent.’ For me, SCENT is a very powerful sense. People will usually remember what you look like, but it’s rare to find someone that will KEEP your SCENT in their memory. If you could be able to remember the certain smell of someone, you must have spent quite some time ‘being close with each other’ or you just really fancy that person; when you like someone, you would try to remember, as much as possible, everything about him or her. However, having a PUNGENT perfume could also be one of the reasons why a person is remembered by his/her scent. xD

In Mina’s case, of course, it’s not the last one that I mentioned. She was notably in high spirits, yet quite shy, in mentioning Hong ki’s scent. She really seemed like a girl who has fallen in love.

Mina giddily tells about Hong Ki's scent! So cute!
Mina giddily tells about Hong Ki’s scent! So cute!

On the other hand, when Hong-chan heard his wife’s confession about his scent, instead of being flattered or happy, he admitted that he felt a bit sad.

Hong Ki expresses his sad sentiment about Mina's statement about his scent.
Hong Ki expresses his sad sentiment about Mina’s statement about his scent.

Although this part made my heart sunk, in my opinion, this is one of Hong ki’s memorable confessions in the black room. Indeed I felt sad on this part; however, in a good way. Seeing Hong Ki’s sad face just made me go “aaaaaawwwww” and I wanted to give him a hug. I have a couple of theories why he felt that way.

1. Maybe he realized that Mina is getting really attached to him, and if the day comes that they need to separate, it would be harder for his wife to do so beacuse she easily gets hurt.

2. Maybe he is thinking of their ‘time limit,’ given that Mina was talking about memories. I don’t know, but talking about ‘remembering someone’ sounds like a farewell to me.

3. Maybe he realized their distance. While he is in Korea, she’s in Japan. If ever he would be in Japan, he would be on tour; whereas, Mina is getting some projects in Korea. The only time they could be really together is when they are shooting WGMG. All they’ve got are their memories, when they are apart.


Anyways, let’s go back. I’m not really sure of Hong Ki’s reasons, and if you have a different theory about it, please don’t hesitate to make a comment. I would love to hear your opinion about it. ^^


Shopping galore is already finished; thus, our Daramji couple decided to relax and drink some pearl tea (I think). As usual, Hong-chan was getting playful again, which caught Mina’s attention.

Hong Ki plays with his food.
Hong Ki plays with his food.

 After the mini exhibition from Hong-chan, he asked Mina’s permission to go to the bathroom AGAIN. However, it’s just a white lie.

Hongstar prepares for his  mini-surprise!
Hongstar prepares for his mini-surprise!

While Mina’s other half is busy buying women’s accessories, she patiently waits for her husband. As soon as Hong ki arrived, Mina said she was bored at the time he was gone. Hong Ki apologized for it, which actually surprised me because he never said SORRY when he had done the same thing before.


As I mentioned before, Hong Ki couldn’t forget the Kayak incident, which is why he prepared another ‘surprise’ for Mina to show his sincere apology.

Hong Ki shows off his artistic side.
Hong Ki shows off his artistic side.

Hong Ki’s artistic (?) caricature of his wife might be quite comedic; however, it’s a cover behind a sweet and simple present.

Hong Ki's thoughtful surprise.
Hong Ki’s thoughtful surprise.

Hong-chan mentioned in the beginning of WGMG that he is a man who has difficulty expressing his emotion. The Kayak incident made Hong Ki grow to be more considerate of his partner’s feelings.

Hong Ki admits his mistake.
Hong Ki admits his mistake.

 On the other hand, even though her husband’s gift was not that grand, Mina was very thankful for it; she is indeed a woman that treasures the ‘true meaning’ of a gift, not for its price.

Mina appreciates her husband's simple, yet meaningful gift.
Mina appreciates her husband’s simple, yet meaningful gift.

 If thoughtfulness would be a competition between this couple, of course, Hong ki’s wife would not let herself lose. Mina has also bought her husband a meaningful gift. Even though it’s just a SIMPLE star glasses, Hong-chan was very much excited like a child.

Hong Ki gets his surprise!
Hong Ki gets his surprise!

He appreciated it more when Mina uttered her first LETHAL statement. xD

Even though it's cheesy, Hongstar definately appreciates Mina's present .
Even though it’s cheesy, Hongstar definately appreciates Mina’s present .

We all know that one of Hong Ki’s hobbies is BRAGGING (just kidding 😛 ), and he likes being complimented. Well, we all like to be complimented, right? Mina is aware of her husband’s personality, since he mentioned it in his ‘love manual.’


Episode 3: : HongMina's Love Manuals
Mina attentively listens to her husband’s love manual.

         Mina’s childish husband knows that he is selfish, and that is why his lovely Mina Noona is there to help him to be more giving! I’m on my delusional mode again! xD

Nevertheless, Mina is also making her words come into reality.



If you guys still remember in Episode 2, Hong Ki showed his wife the awards, which most of them were awarded to him (and the rest of FT Island) in the beginning of his (their) career.

 In here, Hong Ki knows the gap of FT Island’s popularity from past to present. I’m not a PRI and I just RECENTLY listened to FT Island’s songs so I’m not very knowledgeable about them. On the other hand, based on what I’ve read in SOOMPI forums, FNC (FT Island’s company) seems to be giving FT Island an unfair treatment lately.

 Mina’s husband is very passionate about his career and she’s aware of it. The star glasses and Mina’s LETHAL statement are a reminder that Hong Ki is —without a doubt— a star that will keep on shining.


If there’s a Ferris wheel , a couple must ride it in order for the date course to be completed. And thus, our Daramji couple has complied with this cliché. xD

At first, our dear Hong-chan stated that already got an idea of what Mina is like, since they were together the whole time.

This was the start of their DEEP conversation that made the fangirls (fanboys?) and even Hong-chan squeal!

He then asked his wife if she knows the things he likes, and she replied in a humorous way.

Mina playfully answered her husband's query.
Mina playfully answered her husband’s query.
Mina continues to be playful with her answer.
Mina continues to be playful with her answer.

After Mina had given her answer, it was her husband’s turn; he had given a rather serious answer.

Hong Ki made his wife a bit nervous by asking a very straight forward question.
Hong Ki made his wife a bit nervous by asking a very straight forward question.

Hong ki, in my opinion, wants him and his wife to be more open with each other. He probably had pondered that their opposite personalities might collide again; hence, being vocal about their emotions is the only way to avoid further misunderstanding. I like the fact that he was directly looking at Mina when he asked her and she just couldn’t look at him. She knows that they’re not just going to have an ordinary talk.

 Honestly, I did not expect Hong Ki to start a serious conversation with Mina, because he is known for having a playful personality. I guess Mina also felt the same way that’s why, in the first question, she gave a teasing answer; hence, she was awkward and somehow nervous (?) when her husband asked her questions that quite pressured her.

Nevertheless, we all know that Hong Ki wants to be at least in Mina’s ‘radar’ in order to make their virtual marriage work. Hong-chan gathered his courage to find out his real score to Mina.

Mina's honesty 'slightly' broke her husband's heart.
Mina’s honesty ‘slightly’ broke her husband’s heart.

 I’ve got to give Hong Ki 4 thumbs up in this part because confessing or finding out the truth is very difficult.  I remember before, I tried to confess my feelings to a guy I like and it was very CHALLENGING! The TRUTH HURTS and REJECTION feels like you’ve been hit by a bomb made out of dog poopie. xD

Even though he was already prepared to hear his wife’s answer, you could tell that he was nervous. After Mina said that he only got 40 %, Hong Ki let out a laugh that hides his embarrassment or maybe his disappointment.

 However, our dear Mina knows how to redeem herself perfectly.

Mina confessed to Hong Ki.
Mina confessed to Hong Ki, releasing her 2nd LETHAL statement xD

After the confession that boosted up Hong-chan’s confidence, the two continued to talk about their plans to get to know each other more.

Again, I’ve got to give Hong Ki 4 thumbs up for encouraging Mina to speak in Japanese in order to explain her thoughts more naturally. If you guys have seen the behind the scenes of Episode 1, the producer asked Hong Ki why he kept speaking in Korean.  HK then explained that his wife started speaking in Korean, and it would seem weird if he would suddenly speak in Japanese. When the producer encouraged Mina to speak in Japanese to her husband, Hong Ki objected.

The producer pressured HK to speak in Japanese. xD
The producer pressured HK to speak in Japanese. xD

He didn’t seem very enthusiastic in speaking in Japanese; however, in this episode, he’s the one who is  persuading his wife to speak in her native language, in order to naturally express herself.

Hong Ki encourages Mina to speak Japanese to genuinely express her emotions.
Hong Ki encourages Mina to speak Japanese to genuinely express her emotions.

There are just too many adorable and heart-pumping scenes in this episode particularly their HOLDING HANDS in the Ferries wheel!

<3 <3 <3

It was so lovely and it seemed sooooooo real. They really feel like an AUTHENTIC couple. I don’t know if I have dry eyes or what, but it seemed that Mina was the one who first hold Hong Ki’s hand, which I really love because she’s getting more comfortable to initiate skinship.


When Hong Ki chose the serious talk, he and Mina had on the Ferris wheel, as the most memorable moment in their honeymoon, AGAIN, I was surprised. I guess getting to know each other, in a much deeper level, made an impact to him.


While Mina’s other half picked the Ferris wheel moment, our dear Minasun picked their first argument as the unforgettable because it was the first time –according to her—that she had a fight with someone she LIKES.


Hong Ki and Mina’s honeymoon, somehow, became their bridge to learn how to compromise and understand each other’s differences. Though their marriage is only hypothetical, their relationship, in some ways, reflects the ups and downs of a REAL union of two people in love.



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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  1. Oh Hon, I really enjoyed your cute, comical, and insightful post. I haven’t watched this episode in a while so I am pleased to have been brought back to the memory of Hongmina. My heart fluttered when I was reading your amazing post.

  2. Aw I agree with your theories on why Hongki was sad about Mina remembering his scent. I wish they really are together but even if they have feelings it would be so hard to make it work because they’re both so busy and far apart. They were so wonderful together while it lasted. 😀

    1. All we can do is support the both of them ^^
      Just like what Hong Ki and Mina had written on their letters for the Daramji Dels and HongMina shippers, support their respective projects 😀

      I just hope they dont push their selves too hard ><

  3. Very interesting. U should be working in a newspaper house or something like that. I must say you are good and much very talented

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