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We Got Married Global Edition_Daramji Couple: Ep. 1

While I still have some spare time, I’m grabbing this opportunity to write on my blog again. Unfortunately but fortunate to fangirls, my article would be a review of WGMG’s episode 1, which is only going to focus on the HONGMINA couple.


I love this episode because I really love seeing the daramji couple’s awkward expression, especially Hong Ki’s. Despite being an idol, he was confused, clueless, and shy upon meeting Mina, making me feel like he was just an ordinary guy.

The awkward meeting
The awkward meeting

I admit that I won’t like him that much if he was too confident in his first date with Mina; my perception of him being arrogant would remain in my mind. I guess I should thank him for gaining weight because it made him a bit insecure. xD

Besides from gaining weight, I think I should also thank Mina’s drop-dead gorgeous looks for making Hong Ki more awkward. Based on Hong Ki’s description, of what he finds attractive, our dear Fujii Mina passed it all with flying colors! This just pressured one of Asia’s top-star more and all he could do was snigger out of embarrassment.

Hong Ki describes his ideal girl
Hong Ki describes his ideal girl

Hong Ki did not know his wife, he had no idea who she was even though they already met, and I think this added to Hong Ki’s curiosity. Hong Ki did not expect Mina to be familiar with him, since she’s Japanese. Therefore, when she sang SARANG SARANG SARANG to him, it gave a lasting impression to him; even though she was not Korean, she knew his song and how to sing it; though it was out of tune, in my opinion, this lifted-up Hong Ki’s confidence. Hong Ki is very confident of his talent, and thus he likes to “BRAG.”

But lately, because of his “weight insecurities,” he admitted to be losing his confidence; our little groom has been feeling a bit insecure because of his weight and a person, who could lift his spirits up, is indeed a must.

Embarasing rendition of "Sarang Sarang Sarang"
Embarasing rendition of “Sarang Sarang Sarang”

While Hong Ki is dazed by his wife’s beauty, Mina on the other hand was star-trucked by her groom’s presence. Mina has witnessed Hong Ki’s projects in Japan and she has listened to his songs. The little bride also admitted, in the press conference of WGMG, when she saw Hong Ki, she felt like she had seen a celebrity come out from the screen. However, unlike Hong Ki who felt “instant attraction” to his wife, Mina only thought of him as a little brother rather than a husband.

Mina honestly states that she sees Hong Ki as a little brother
Mina honestly states that she sees Hong Ki as a little brother

Regardless of the downside, Mina was willing to find ways to make her see Hong Ki as a man. I liked how she admitted what she really thought of Hong Ki; I really like her honesty.

Mina tells her game plan to make her marriage work.
Mina tells her game plan to make her marriage work.

I also like how Hong Ki controls himself to be very very VERY nice to Mina, but he almost failed in doing so; good thing he came to his senses and apologized cutely to his wife. xD

Hong Ki got shocked at Mina's remark
Hong Ki got shocked at Mina’s remark

Moreover, their date might be slow-paced to some, but I really liked it because it gave the “all-natural-feeling.” First dates are expected to be awkward; however, even though HongMina’s date was a bit ill at ease, you could tell that there is chemistry. In the behind the scene episodes, the staff could feel the “KILIG” (shudder/spark) factor that the daramji couple emitted. Even the production team is aware that love is starting to blossom between Hong Ki and Mina.

The people behind the scenes are getting giddy over HongMina moments
The people behind the scenes are getting giddy over HongMina moments



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

10 thoughts on “We Got Married Global Edition_Daramji Couple: Ep. 1

  1. The awkwardness adds more to the ‘kilig’ :3
    I love that the staff was so giddy about it too. The PD was already telling Hongki that Mina was really his type. Oh the excitement 😀

      1. I actually don’t know much about Hongki prior to GWGM only that he’s in FTisland. I love that Hongki and Mina bring about different sides to each other 😀

      2. I actually don’t know him also… But I know Ft Island…When I saw a lot of comments from his fans saying that he is very different in WGMG, I decided to check out his past videos to have a clear understanding of how much he had changed. Some of them don’t like what they see in WGMG because they think Hong Ki is just forcing himself to change… something like that… there are a lot of fans who hates Mina…

      3. well you know kpop fans (I do, because I’m one, not just as obsessive) very defensive-aggressive over their oppas. They see what they want to see. All I know is that I liked Hongki because of Mina ahaha..

      4. im a fangirl too.. but im into japanese bands 😛
        so i do understand how Hong Ki’s obsessive fans feel…

        I also came to love hong ki because of Mina… because before i kinda feel he was a bit arrogant… but seeing him change in WGMG made me change my opinion about him and view him as a very hardworking artist ^^

      5. Oooh Japanese bands. Who would you recommend? I’m not over my kpop phase but it’d be fun to check out the music on the other side 😀
        I’m quite curious..might go to Youtube and see these other sides of Hongki heheh

      6. mmm.. I’m into japanese indie bands… It may be difficult to find their songs but I really like 八十八ヶ所巡礼, Rosso, Hyde, kafuka, hideyoshi, Luna Sea, Pirokarupin, Toe, Hyakkei, Plastic Tree, The Telephones, Remioromen, Ellegarden, Big Mama, Ohashi Trio, VAMPS ^^

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