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Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve written in my blog. I was so busy with my new work. Anyways, this blog is supposed to be about arts and fashion; however, I just can’t resist not writing my thoughts on this show.

I’m sorry to my readers, who expects an entry similar to what I’ve been posting, but I do hope you’ll read this. If you are into Korean shows you might find this interesting (I hope so).

Anyways, this is my first discussion about the WE GOT MARRIED GLOBAL EDITION but I will not give further spoilers because I plan to write a different entry on that one. In addition, I will mostly discuss the Lee Hong Ki and Fujii Mina pairing because they are the pairing that I ship. Even though I also watch the other couple, TeacGui pairing, the HongMina couple is the one that really made me fall in love. xD

For those people unfamiliar with the WGM series, the We Got Married is a Korean variety show that showcases VIRTUAL MARRIAGES between Korean celebrities; most of the pairings are famous Korean idols. However, due to dwindling popularity of the show, the WGM franchise decided to add a different twist to the show, by pairing Korean celebrities to foreign tv/movie personalities. The production chose the couples based on their language abilities, popularity and personalities.

The first couple: Ok Taecyon and Emma Wu a.k.a Gui Gui


This couple received a lot of views on YouTube as well as devoted fanatics. Actually, this pairing was the one that brought me to WGM. I don’t know anything about the show but I do have an idea what kind of variety it was. Back to the topic, I’ve seen an article, about this couple, in Jpop Asia and triggered my curiosity, so I checked it out.

The first ep I’ve seen was the wedding photo shoot of the Alien couple. It was very funny and interesting and Kwang Hee’s (ZE:A) humor made that episode even brighter, and since I enjoyed watching that ep, I decided to check out more of the videos and ended up seeing Mina and the rest was history. However, before I discuss the HongMina, I will finish my TaecGui entry.

Out of tune Kwang Hee seranades Gui Gui
Out of tune Kwang Hee seranades Gui Gui

It is indeed interesting to watch this couple because they rely  more on ‘action’ rather than words; Gui Gui’s not that fluent in English; therefore, she and Taecyon need to be creative in expressing themselves.

If I would compare the TaecGui couple to a comedy genre, I would say that they are in the “SLAPSTICK” category. This comedy genre is quite amusing. However,  if you continue to watch the same antics over and over, it becomes TEDIOUS. The TaecGui pairing, with comparison, gives me the same feeling. I’m sorry to the TaecGui fans but this is how I feel about it.

Gui Gui being playful to Taec
Gui Gui being playful to Taec

The Second couple: Lee Hong Ki and Fujii Mina


Like I said before, I was first browsing the TaecGui couple before I discovered the outstanding chemistry of this couple. I already knew Hong Ki because FT Island was the Korean band that got stranded in Cebu. I’m not a fan of Kpop but I like watching Korean dramas but I didn’t care much about Hong Ki; however, when I saw Mina, I decided to watch their part.

I’ve seen Mina before but I just can’t remember when or what show. She’s very pretty but I’ve already seen too many beautiful actresses before so nothing special about her. On the other hand, it all changed when I saw her on her wedding dress! OH MY! She just took my breath away! xD By the way, the first ep of this couple that I’ve seen was episode 6.

I then watched episode 5 to see the beginning of their wedding photo shoot. Hong Ki’s reaction, when she saw Mina in the wedding dress, seemed that he was really smitten by Mina’s beauty. Hong Ki was a bit awkward and he squeals like a girl when he’s feeling giddy, which I think is very cute and I’ve never really seen a guy act so giddily over a girl.

Hong Ki's jaw dropped upon seeing his beautiful bride, Mina
Hong Ki’s jaw dropped upon seeing his beautiful bride, Mina

After watching ep 5-6, I watched all of the episodes. The progress of the HongMina’s relationship felt really realistic. From their awkward meeting, surprising first skinship,  the wedding photo shoot that further deepen their physical contact and to the romantic confession that triggered the change in their relationship. This show made me feel like I’m really watching a real couple falling in love! Even the viewers on You Tube , who don’t know anything about WGM was confused if it is REEL or REAL.

Furthermore, if I would compare the Daramji Couple into a comedy genre, I would choose STAND-UP COMEDY. I’m a supporter of stand-up comedy in the Philippines and I really enjoy watching that kind of comedy because it has a deeper meaning, it’s more than just comedy, it’s an intellectual delivery of jokes.

Stand-up comedy relies more on words; action is just a freebie to make the piece livelier. It’s the same with HongMina; since Hong Ki and Mina could both communicate in Japanese and Korean fluently, language was not an issue for them, and thus they were able to communicate without barriers and get to know each other thoroughly.

Heart to Heart talk
Heart to Heart talk

Both of them were very willing to make their relationship work, even though it’s just a pretend marriage, they were very giving to each other. Although there were times that they did not share the same ideas/feelings, who are we to judge? Their imperfection, as a couple, created a reality that made the viewers see them as a perfect pair.

Relationships go through tons of misunderstanding, but as long as the parties are willing to make sacrifices, problems also serve as a foundation for a stable union. When HongMina had their first argument, the two of them did not let the situation go by without a clear resolution; they talked about it and fixed the issue.

Hong Ki explains why he did not like Kayak.
Hong Ki explains why he did not like Kayak.

Before I mentioned that Hong Ki didn’t really capture my attention, but it was Mina who was the one that really pulled me to watch their episodes; she’s sooo freaking GORGEOUS! xD However, it all changed as I watched all of the episodes. Before I find him bit arrogant but my opinion about him gradually changed.

He’s aware that Mina is not just an ordinary girl; a girl who deserves to be treated well, and thus Hong Ki’s obsession, to be Mina’s IDEAL MAN, instigated him to grow and become less selfish.

Being close to Mina's ideal man is the key!
Being close to Mina’s ideal man is the key!

His frankness was also the one that made me like him more. I don’t really like goody-goody people; I like seeing flaws because it makes you realize that this person is REAL. Hong Ki does not really care about what people might think about him, which sometimes becomes his downside; however, it is also the factor that makes you TRUST the words he utters (especially in the black room interviews). He made the audience feel that “this is not a show anymore, but  a story of how we fell in love.”

While Hong Ki was the bad-boy turned “MINA’S IDEAL MAN,” Hong Ki’s other half, Fujii Mina, is this intelligent, beautiful, elegant, and fragile woman who can be a LITTLE DITZ from time to time. xD

Mina almost burned Hong Ki's head
Mina almost burned Hong Ki’s head

Mina could be very understanding and giving but she could be a little mischievous.

Mina buries the umeboshi beneath the rice
Mina buries the umeboshi beneath the rice

 In addition, she also doesn’t like it when Hong Ki tries to outwit her.

Mina scolds Hong Ki for not playing fair xD
Mina scolds Hong Ki for not playing fair xD

The two of them have opposite personalities but they have one thing in common –besides from being competitive—HONESTY. Mina wanted to develop her character through this show; hence, she did not hold back and just enjoy the flow of WGMG. Whenever she was asked if she likes Hong Ki, she’s very brave admitting that the guy, she used to see as her little brother, has already smitten her.

Mina talks about seeing Hong Ki  as a MAN <3
Mina talks about seeing Hong Ki as a MAN ❤

Despite admitting she’s a shy person, she became bold thru Hong Ki’s influence; he was the one who taught her to be more confident with her feelings.

Hong Ki was stunned at Mina's bold answer
Hong Ki was stunned at Mina’s bold answer

If these guys were just acting that they are in love with each other, they both deserve an OSCAR for deceiving millions of people.




I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

12 thoughts on “Thoughts on WE GOT MARRIED GLOBAL

  1. They are truely in love. Both can’t pick up after GWGM well known sorely for the bashing of fans. HongKi i guess has interest of Mina at heart. It’s such a sad romantic story

    1. yeah it is indeed a bittersweet love story… ><
      currently ive been watching other wgm shows… i enjoy watching it but the dont really give me the same feeling as HONGMINA did… however, currently im watching Leeteuk and Kang Sora's WGM and their awkwardness reminds me of daramji couple 🙂

  2. I can’t be convinced that they were faking all along. If by chance they trully were, then i think the director will have to explain to me the sudden trembling of Mina’s hands as HongKi reached to her waist? or did Mina cut a momentarily parkison disease?

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. It seems we have more or less the same interests 🙂 Great minds , think alike ? bwahahahaha
    Anyways, I agree with you that we saw Hongki grow up and show his alpha dog side on this show. For me, it took him out of the Jeremy-box that he(it seems) and some fans have comfortably placed him. And lovely Mina ,imho, helped him do that .
    PS: I like how you pursue your art. Goodluck!

    1. thank u for your support! ^^ i will do my best with my art 😀

      i’ve seen his old videos before and he is very very enthusiastic–like a child— so it was amazing how he gradually changes in WGMG…

      I think his child-like personality is the reason why Mina always ask him to do AEGYO, which is why Mina is surprised by Hong Ki’s shy attitude…

      In addition, the reason why I think Hong Ki refused to do aegyo with Mina is because he wants Mina to see him as a man, her ideal man.

  4. awesome post! I also got in GWGM because of TaecGui couple, mostly because I like Taecyeon. They were really entertaining but always looked like Taec was babysitting Emma the whole time haha
    I ship Hongki and Mina so much! Hope they get together even if we never find out hahah

    1. THANK U FOR READING AND COMMENTING!! Yeah I agree… it seems like he is babysitting emma, my sister also started watching wgmg… she enjoys watching their tandem but sometimes she skips some of the parts bec. she thinks its a bit awkward xD she also likes the hongmina couple ^^

  5. pleaseee i really looveeeee your posts about hongminaaaa really!!!! i saved all of your pics. literally all of them! please make a review from each episode that you haven’t made before 😉 thank youu

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