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Screen Tones!

Last week I tried using the screen tone I bought at I was a bit scared in using it because I needed to use a cutter (it might damage the paper and my sketch) to scrape off the screen tone in the shape I wanted.

I could feel the cutter pierce thru the paper and it really made me anxious but I made myself focus because if I can’t my illustration would be in jeopardy. Anyways, I was able to cut! Yey! It was nerve racking but I like the effect it gave my sketch! ^^ I’m thinking of ordering some more screen tones and develop my skills further!

Sorry if the quality isn’t good. I just took it with a camera phone. My scanner is broken so I can’t provide a better copy >.<


Btw, I’m just using an ordinary sketch paper but it’s a bit thick compared to ordinary bound paper. However when it comes to using screen tones especially when you have heavy hands, it’s better to use a Kent paper or a Comic Paper, they are quite thick.

I don’t really have a workplace. I just use my bed when I do my sketches or my computer table. Unfortunately my computer table has a lot of junk and my dog is using my bed as his “nap shack” 😛



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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