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I’m so happy (though I’m broke :P) because I finally got the art materials I ordered from Deleter Japan. Deleter is a supplier of manga art materials.

I live in the Philippines and manga isn’t very popular in here and most comic book artist in here are influenced by Western Comic Books so they adopt DC/Marvel Comics style.  There are some people who create manga but they do it digitally. I want to learn the traditional way, it just feels more authentic: P However, finding manga art materials in here is not that easy and that’s the reason why I need to order my materials from Japan.

It’s my first time to order something from the internet so I was quite nervous. I was afraid that I might not get my package or something bad will happen to it (>.<). However I really need the art materials so I just ordered it and hope for the best.

Deleter’s payment method is Paypal so no worries about that and they use EMS/SAL for the delivery. I’ve used EMS before and so far I haven’t had any problems using it and that made me feel at ease. I ordered my materials on July 28, 2012 and received it on August 2, 2012.


I ordered 2 screen tones and I got freebie cut outs from various screen tones ^^


I also bought  the Deleter Comic Book Paper (A4). I got the one with gridlines with it so I won’t have difficulty with the measurements.

Then last but not the least, I got a Tone Hera to help me  apply the screen tones on my comic paper nice and smoothly. Then I also purchased G-pen, Maru-pen,  Saji pen and a grey pigment ink pen (0.1).


I’ve got to go now, after I finish creating my illustration using the materials I bought I’ll post it in here ^^. CHEERS!



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

16 thoughts on “Finally I Got DELETER ART MATERIALS!

    1. i still had a hard time using pen quills… the quality of the materials are really good but if you are not really used in using those materials, you will have a hard time… just keep on practicing ^^

      also make your budget prepared because they are quite expensive…

  1. Hi! Thanks for this, i was really reluctant to order from deleter because of fear of scam or products not being delivered, and seeing that your stuff got there within days reach, it gave me hope. I ordered a bunch of stuff mainly g-pen nibs, paper, and ink. Thank’s a lot!

    1. I’m so glad that i was able to help u! I was also scared to order online but i really need those materials so I decided just to gamble xD

      But before i did that i research first. However, there are only few blogs for getting art materials in the philippines….

      this is the reason i wrote this ^^

      1. It has been a great help! seriously. It’s a big pain in the neck to find specific materials in the PH so we have to order from japan. I got my package 5 days after I ordered it. It was unexpectedly fast even though the shipping was expensive. I’m glad I read your blog!

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