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The Evolution of My Digital Drawings

When I first started doing digital art I was very clueless with it. First of all I didn’t study anything about Graphic Design or anything about that s**t.  I only know how to tinker the basics of Photoshop and Manga Studio.  I bought a drawing tablet because my friends encourage me to also do digital art and it’s because a drawing tablet was a bit affordable.

Of course, as an artist you want to explore things and improve your skills. So before buying the tablet I started to do my research in digital painting. Then I stumble across this site PIXIV is like a Japanese “deviantart” xD, in that site, there’s a feature where the illustrator can put what programs or material he used to create his piece. Most of the illustrators use the program “PAINT TOOL SAI”.  So I checked it out and saw that the program was very simple and kinda look like “Photoshop”. However, it only focuses in drawing/painting.

PAin Tool Sai
PAin Tool Sai

I use mainly PAINT TOOL SAI because it’s really easy to use for me. I already made an entry about the programs I use for my drawings. If you have time and you haven’t read it please check it out. ^^

Anyways, as I said I don’t know anything about digital art so basically all my skills were self taught and I checked out some tutorials in DEVIANTART.

Here is one of my favorite tutorials.

It’s a tutorial how to draw a realistic looking hair. I have difficulties in drawing hair so this was a very big help for me.

This is how I draw hair before…. It’s sooo lame xD


Then I started practising the technique I saw in the tutorial…..


Then this… The hair looks decent in this one xD


Next is the tutorial how to make semi-realistic eyes.


Pretty sexy isn’t she??? 😛


I follow the basic rules for these tutorials but I also incorporate my own style/ technique.  I try what works for my style. ^^

It’s all about practice, practice and more practice! To tell you the truth I still have difficulties with digital art so I usually work a lot of hours in just finishing one piece. I still need to learn a lot. I want to also learn how to paint well in PHOTOSHOP so if anyone can give me advices with it don’t be shy to share it with me.  🙂

This is my latest work.


Thank you for reading my looooong post xD please check out my accounts! ^^



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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