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Finally Bought and Used COPIC MARKERS

Last night I decided to make a simple sketch to test my Copic Markers. I also bought COLLEEN colored pencils to add more color to my experimental sketch since I only bought  10 pieces of it because it was so pricey and I still don’t know if I will like using it.



Thus it began.


I tried making a rough sketch of Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington xD I’m not really good in making realistic drawings since I usually focus on Manga/Anime style drawings. So I came up with semi-realistic drawing of Sam and Zoe. ^^


I used a drawing waterproof ink in inking my sketch and used it to color Zoe’s hair. After that I scanned it to preserve the “inked finish sketch”.

Then after that I started using E11 (Barley beige) for Sam’s skin. It bled so much and I’m still clueless how to use copic so the skin looked very tan >.<  I also used E13 (Light Suntan) and  E21 (Baby Skin Pink) for additional depth. Then I used B34 (Manganese Blue) and B34 (Antwerp Blue) for his eyes. It didn’t look very well xD.  Then I used my white Colleen colored pencil for the highlights. I used E13 (Light Suntan) for his hair and Colleen’s Maroon color pencil.

I used the same colors for Zoe’s skin but I put a lot of coats to make it look darker than Sam’s skin. I used E11 on her eyes and brow colored pencil in her eyes. I used red color pencil to her lips. I blended the colors on Zoe’s skin quite well compared to Sam.

I still need to practice more to properly use Copic. It’s challenging to use it but I like it! So I will save couple of bucks a gain to buy more colors ^^

PS, I haven’t scanned the finish product because my scanner broke-down >.<



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

5 thoughts on “Finally Bought and Used COPIC MARKERS

  1. I love Copics but I’m not that good (yet) with them. It’s not easy but in general I love them. Specially the price is a let down at first, but it is well worth it. I love how they blend and the effects they give.

    As for your work, it’s great! Love the skin. Nice blending. Think I’m going to follow you 😉

    1. yup it’s challenging to use but i think with a couple of practice everything will be dandy ^^

      thank u so much for following, commenting and liking my entry 🙂

      good luck with the both of us! cheers! (:

  2. Hi! Stumbled across your blog while searching for Copics. Love your artwork! Just wanna ask where you got your Copics though? I’m from Phils din. 🙂 Hoping I could get it locally instead of getting it overseas. 🙂 Hope you could reply. Thanks!

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