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Embracing Other Culture’s Style

Hello everybody! It’s been a long time since I wrote something down…

It’s my dream to be a manga artist. However, I’ve said this before on my previous entry that being a mangaka in the Philippines is very challenging and it seems impossible.

What made me say that it’s because FIRST of all many people will criticize you (in here in the Philippines) for following Japanese style comic books. Some people will say that “you are following a different cultural style, your copying Japanese style”, it’s like indirectly saying that “you are not PATRIOTIC to your country/race”.

Anak ni Dyesebel--Mars Ravelo- Liwayway63-1-sf

This is Mar’s Ravelo’s Anak ni Dyesebel

I mostly get this comment from my other friends who are also artist. They are mainly influenced by Western comic book style. It actually hurts me because I’m not ashamed of my race, my culture or my country. I’m really proud of who I am! It just happens that I admire JAPANESE ART and it has been a big influence in my OWN ART/STYLE. They usually tell me that I should follow Western style comics and it’s the accepted style in here manga’s style is not up the standard.



In the Philippines, our comics are basically influenced by Western comic books. That’s why most people prefer that style. But, I’m just so perplexed because they are COPYING Western style comic books and it’s acceptable but if it’s manga it’s not?!?!

These days, people who are mostly influenced by Japanese art are teenagers. So some people see Japanese Drawing Styles in here kinda childish or you can say “not adult like”. I have one friend who made a comment to my drawings saying “it looks a bit childish or drawn by a kid”. My friend said that when we were drinking, he was drunk.. . But still, a comment is a comment and some people are more courageous when they are drunk.

Me working on my manga…. (:


Anyways, every other artist has their freedom and every artist is influenced by different things which create their own signature.



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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