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Not a Big Fan of MAINSTREAM: Filipino INDIE music

It’s pretty sad that a lot of talented musicians are being ignored in the PEARL OF THE ORIENT. It can’t be helped that people will listen to foreign mainstream songs because those are the songs that are commonly play on the radio and television.

I don’t like to listen to songs that I can commonly hear in the streets. I want to listen to songs that are quite unique and eccentric. I admire musicians that have the guts to play or produce songs that the society oddly heard of. That’s why I admire Indie music.^^

Here some of the Indie bands that I really like to listen to. (:
(Don’t worry guys the songs I posted are in English ^^ except for the 1st vid of UPD & 2nd vid of OAL)

1. Up Dharma Down – They are quite getting popular in the Phil because some shows are using their songs as soundtracks. I love Armie’s voice. It’s very inimitable and the lyrics of their songs are so MAGNIFICENTLY ORIGINAL. I also love Paul Yap’s bass, it surely brings a certain kick to their song.. . They sound very relaxing, it feels like you’re in cloud nine when you listen to them xD

This is my fave song from them….^^

This has a psychedelic feel to it *u*


2. Taken By Cars- If you want to listen to upbeat songs with a dash of spice then this is the perfect sound trip for you. When I first listen to TbC, the dominant bass sound was the one that captured my attention, then followed by the punky guitar sound, next was the upbeat sounds of the sampler and drums and lastly Ms. Sarah’s powerful vox. I really like listening to them when I want to dance and act crazy 😛

This is the first song that I’ve heard from them.

I like playing this song on my guitar…^^


3. The Dorques- My friend suggested this to me at first I thought their sound is okay but not the kind of sound I want to listen to the loop for the next 24 hours. But I know myself that I can love their sound and I DID! I listened to their song MURASAKI BLUE (Eng. Version) and I love it. The Jap version sounded funny because the vox that was narrating the Japanese poem didn’t sound Japanese at all. Anyways , I love their eclectic style with a hint of psychedelic experimental crazy ass vox sound xD

I work faster when I listen to this song xD

You need to be stoned to understand this song deeeeeeeeply 😛

4. Sleepwalk Circus- I discovered because they were the opening band for TOE’s concert in Manila. I checked them out, in YouTube/fb page, and they were quite good so I was interested to see them perform live at TOE’s concert in the Philippines. When I finally watched them live, I was totally blown away!!!! They were amazing! However, I prefer their instrumental songs …^^ They sound more like Sugar Plum Ferry (Taiwanese Post Rock Instrumental band) with a mixture of Toe and a hint of electronic vibe.

This is an instrumental song from them and it’s one of my fave songs

Here is a song with vox


5. Encounters with a Yeti– I also discovered them because they were also an opening band for TOE. I love listening to them. They remind me of Sugar Plum Ferry and Hyakkei (Japanese Instrumental band). When I watched them live, I  closed my eyes and I felt like my spirit was traveling with Gaia xD Listening to them is  so relaxing.

I want to watch them again! ^^


6. The Camerawalls– I’m a big fan of Orange and Lemons but sadly they disbanded. By the way, Clementine the former vox and guitarist of OAL formed this band. If you like The Beatles or British pop you can certainly appreciate their sound.^^

My sister was the one told me about this song.

I love this song… I love CLEM xD


7. Orange and Lemons- Even though they disbanded and they eventually become a Major label band in the later years, I will still include them on my list ^^ I fell in love with this band because I really like British bands and OAL’s sound reminds me of the distinctive sound of British bands.

Here’s a sad and lovely song from this band.


8. Urbandub- Now let’s get a little bit heavy. I like listening to songs that have a heavy sound from time to time. It depends on my mood, so whenever I want to feel aggressive or a little bit angsty I listen to Urbandub. One of their major influences is Deftones; so if you’re a Deftones fan, you might wanna listen to their sound.

I like the concept of this vid and I SUPER LOVE THE SONG!  In my opinion it’s quite disturbing but that’s why I LOVE IT! ^^

I also love the story of this vid tragic and sad 😥

I want to add more but you guys might get bored with it’s because it’s like a novel already xD. These are just some of my fave Filipino bands. I hope you guys might like them! I may listen to Japanese, British, American music but I love being a Filipino and I’m so proud that there are still a lot of Filipino musicians that are very talented and very passionate about music. I hope a lot of people will embrace Filipino music.



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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