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SHADING: Defining an Image

In my early years in drawing, I’ve never really focused in shading. I’ve always ignored it! I mainly focused in drawing a stunning image. How to draw perfect hands & feet (I’m bad at drawing these parts xD) , striking characters, cool poses,  fashionable clothes, etc.

Then one of my classmates saw my drawings and told me that I should practice shading. I started to wonder and realize that he is right. I need to develop my skills further. So I started looking in the internet for some shading tutorials. I kept practicing and practicing. It was hard and confusing for me >.<  I didn’t know where the light should go or where should I put the shadows!!! Even though I know the “rules” when I start applying it in an actual canvass I get soooo bemused, paranoid and scared that I might commit a mistake! But I tried to face my fears and told myself “WHAT THE HECK… S**T HAPPENS, MISTAKES MAKE YOU A GOOD ARTIST IF YOU TRY TO LEARN FROM IT”.

I was getting serious with SHADING, my brain almost split when I drew this xD I was so confused with it 😛


As time goes by, I’m getting hang of it. I read more manga so I can get more inspirations on how they apply shading and tones. And of course watch and read tutorials online 😛

Manga inspired shading


However I still find it a bit challenging so I need to practice more because next time I’m gonna practice TONING to add a more dramatic shading effect. I haven’t started using MANGA TONES because my equipments are not yet complete. I don’t want to work if my medium is not complete. I’m saving my money so I can order them online. ^^ My Manga tones were only sent by my friend from Japan as a gift because he knows I’m HEAD OVER HEELS with my PASSION xD

I’m actually scared because I might ruin my drawing but if I don’t try nothing will happen! So wish me luck!

Here my drawing that I published in deviantart and some told me “epic shading” xD I almost cried…. I told myself  “Someone thinks my SHADING is decent” xD


Here are some SHADING TUTORIALS that you might find helpful.


By: Snigom (I hope it’s okay I posted this….^^)



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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