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Me, My Passion, My work, Believers and Non-believers

Yesterday night, I went drinking with my co-workers and with our boss and his brother. It was very fun because we were able to chill out and forget the stressful week that our work had brought us.

Every day I always bring two bags with me. One is my bag where I put everything that I need (usual girl stuff) then the second bag is where I put my sketches and art materials. Then one of my co-workers asked me if he can see my sketches.  So I showed it to him then one of my Korean co-workers also borrowed it and boss’ brother. They were really impressed by my sketches and they told me that I’m really good at it.

I told them that “I’m not good enough. I still need to practice a lot, I can still see a lot of imperfections”. They were very suprised because they think my drawings are really good. Then my boss’s brother asked me, “What do you plan with your sketches?”, I just told him “I just post it in my blog” then I told them that already applied before to be an illustrator but I was rejected.



I don’t even have my proper work place xD

It was a disappointing experience but I need to use that experience to make me a better artist. Before not many people support me but now a lot of them support me because they have seen my work and they really think it’s really impressive. But I still don’t think that my skills are enough so I must work harder.

However, it’s really hard to focus on my “passion” because of my work. You see guys, I’m an online English teacher but I actually finished “Journalism” xD (It’s a different story, I will tell you guys next time :p)  I didn’t study Fine Arts or anything,  my skills are just self taught.

These days, it’s hard to survive and to look for a job. I like my job because of the people around me but I don’t plan to do it forever. I really want to be an illustrator/Mangaka so every day I work hard so I rarely have free time. I also love writing so from time to time I write in my blog ^^. I’m just earning enough money so I can study again, but I’m still going to work even though I’m going to study so I can support my everyday financial needs.


finish work

I want my dream to come true! We must find ways to fulfill our dreams because it won’t just come to us. We must do our best to chase and grab it! Nothing is going to happen if we’ll just idle around. Sometimes I’m losing hope but I just keep on drawing and it makes me realize “this is what I really want to do”.



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

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