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When I started getting serious with my illustrations I tried experimenting with various techniques and materials. Finding the perfect materials that will suit my style was very challenging and fun!

First I started with just an ordinary sketch pad and pencil. I scanned my works so I can be able to publish it in However, I still want to explore more and develop my skills so I started inking and coloring my work using Photoshop. I used “unipin pigment ink pen” in inking my work.

The challenging part at that time was “How to Get a Clean Canvass”. When I scan my work it still captures the “dirty marks” (parts where I had erased my mistakes) on my sketches. So I needed to patiently clean it up using Photoshop. After cleaning it up I colored it in. I watch few Youtube tutorials on how to color scan drawings using photoshop. My scanner and photoshop were my best friends at that time. ^^ I used that process for a long time until I was encouraged by my co-worker to buy a “tablet”.

Here is my illustration using pencil:


Here is my illustration, using  Photoshop to color my line drawing:


When I was able to save enough money, I bought a WACOM BAMBOO pen and touch. At first it was very difficult I even thought that maybe I had wasted my money and it’s better for me to use my “old technique”.  I had tried 3 different drawing programs at that time.

First I used Photoshop, then MANGA STUDIO and last was PAINT TOOL SAI. Paint Tool SAI was the program that was the easiest to utilize for me. I still use Photoshop and Manga Studio for finishing touches though.  After 3 hours of practicing I was able to LOVE using my tablet! ^^

Here is my illustration, using  Paint Too, Sai :


How I love my tablet! But an unexpected event happened. MY COMPUTER BROKE DOWN! All of my illustrations were GONE! Thank goodness I uploaded some in devianart! I couldn’t use my WACOM anymore! I couldn’t stand not being able to draw so I went back to my traditional roots. I went back to inking.

It was a HORRIBLE experience because it cost me soooo much! But it was also a “Blessing” in disguise, I guess. Because of that, I was able to improve my skills in inking and I was amazed with it! I love using pigment pens but from time to time we still had a love hate relationship xD

Here is my illustration, using  Pigment Pens:


I still miss using my WACOM so always I brought my Wacom at work! 😛

Whenever I had free time I will draw something at the office xD People at the office didn’t mind it. They also like watching me draw which was a bit embarrassing >.<

When my computer was finally fixed I immediately use my WACOM but I still want to draw in a traditional way. I both love traditional and digital art! There are some things that I can’t express well using Digital Art which I can only convey using Traditional Art and vice versa.

How about you guys? Which one do you prefer? Traditional or Digital?

Thank you for reading please visit my deviantart site if you have time! Have a nice day!



I love art and music! It's like air for me (:

3 thoughts on “TRADITIONAL or DIGITAL?

  1. I like your style, it’s different. Just like you, I have tried different techniques…and I’m currently inking with Corel Painter, but I definitely prefer the traditional way.

  2. thank u! I really want to have my own style so when people see my drawing they will immediately know it’s mine ^_^
    wow! Corel?!! I had difficulty using Corel >< I also like inking in the traditional way because you become more sensitive and your skills are greatly being develop…(:

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