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NEOPIKO: An Alternative for COPIC MARKERS?

I’m an aspiring Mangaka but apparently Manga is not very popular in the Philippines.  Only few are aware of the sophisticated black-grey-white comic style.

That’s the reason why I have difficulty finding materials for making my manga. I spend most of my time searching in the internet and going around bookstores/ art shops looking for the materials I need.

Trial and Error, I need to be resourceful and be patient to figure out what works and not for me and that has been my routine.

The most popular coloring medium that is used by illustrators is Copic Markers. I’m a big fan of Copic but I’ve never use it I just saw a lot of illustrations using Copic markers and I really like the watercolor style effect of it.

However it’s quite pricey.

I’m not rich so I always look for affordable and good materials.

I found this site, and it’s a Philippine store that sells Japanese toys (anime collectibles) but they also sell Copic markers, they also sell outside the Philippines. I’m thinking of ordering the markers from them but I remember that DELETER (it’s a supplier of manga art materials in Japan) had Neopiko Markers.

Neopiko Markers are cheaper compare to Copic Markers. So I’m thinking of trying this one out instead of copic. However, they say that it doesn’t blend well with other markers and also with Neopiko markers. But all things have bad sides, we just need to deal with it and hopefully it will grow with us. Before I don’t like using pigment pens but now it’s one of my favorite mediums! ^^

Here’s my illustration using Pigment Pens and Brush Pen, I’m still not used in using brush pen..>.< I also use MangaStudio for the tone.


Here is an illustration that used Neopiko Markers : (It’s not mine)


Neopiko has a more strong vibrant and a sharper effect than Copic.

Here is an illustration that used Copic Markers : (It’s not mine)


It’s quite gentle and the colors blended quite beautifully! ^^

I plan to buy Copic also, I’m still saving my money for it.I’m quite poor xD so I think I’ll use Neopiko for now because of the price 😛 I also like the strong vibrant effect it gives…^^  I need to test both of those markers to know which is the perfect one for me… I’ll let you know if I finally ordered it and used it 🙂

So guys if you had any experience in using markers other than Copic please inform me and tell me about it. I want to know about your opinion and your experience about it! ^^

If you have time also, please visit my deviant art site :




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